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Andalusia Bike Race-The Land of Extra Virgin 2014

For the second consecutive year, we supported the «Andalusia Bike Race-The Land of Extra Virgin», the most important mountain bike race held in Spain, with...
Feb 22 | 14  -  01 Mar | 14

Information campaign «The non-refillable cap tells you»

In order to ensure the quality and high standards of the consumer product, the olive oil sector spent years asking the various administrations to enact...
JAN 31 | 14  -  27 Feb | 14

Spanish olive oils at Madrid Fusion 2014

Great chefs are important ambassadors of Spanish olive oils. For that reason, at gastronomic events such as Madrid Fusion, we support their work so that...
JAN 26 | 14  -  28 JAN | 14

Campaign in the first edition of TOP CHEF (2013)

Again we collaborated with Paco Roncero, who participated in the first edition of Top Chef, the culinary competition from the Antena 3 television network. We...
Nov 05 | 13

Spanish olive oils at Andalusia Sabor 2013

Paco Roncero (who holds two Michelin stars and three suns in the Repsol Guide), one of the Spanish chefs who has most explored the use...
Sep 15 | 13  -  17 Sep | 13

Spanish olive oils at the City of Martos ITF Tennis Futures Tournament (2013)

Olive oils are an essential part of the diet of any athlete. For that reason we wanted to bring Spanish olive oils to the sport,...
Jun 06 | 13  -  15 Jun | 13

Olive oils of Spain at EXPOLIVA 2013

In 2013 we took advantage of the 26th International Fair of Olive Oil and Allied Industries, EXPOLIVA 2013, to present the new «Spanish Olive Oils»...
May 07 | 13  -  10 May | 13

27th International Gourmet Club Exhibition 2013 – Workshop of the Senses. Introducing the new «Spanish Olive Oils» promotional brand.

The International Gourmet Club Exhibition was the place we chose to present our new brand identity worldwide. Back at the «Workshop of the Senses», we...
APR 07 | 13  -  10 APR | 13

New brand image for Spanish olive oils.

In 2013 we decided to re-brand our image, a new logo to represent all the values of positioning, language and attributes of our olive oils...
DEC 31 | 12  -  30 DEC | 13

Andalusia Bike Race-The Land of Extra Virgin 2013

With our participation in the Andalusia Bike Race, we supported a sporting competition which counts towards the world championship and which is held every year...
Feb 23 | 13  -  28 Feb | 13

«Healthy Breakfast» in schools (Community of Madrid)

We all know that it is fundamental to teach good eating habits to the youngest children, so we supported the «Healthy Breakfast» project which ran...
Feb 19 | 13  -  19 Feb | 13

Global Campaign 2013: Enjoy our Olive Oils, Enjoy Spain Taste the Spanish lifestyle. What is the recipe?

In 2013 we launched the international campaign, «Enjoy our Olive Oils, Enjoy Spain». How was this campaign disseminated? With a simple recipe: wanting to enjoy...
DEC 31 | 12  -  30 DEC | 13
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