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Valentine’s Day is almost here! On that special day full of love and romance, you want to prove how much you love your significant other, but what’s the best way to do it? We suggest an innovative idea that will surely impress your special someone.
Boxing Day turkey pie with Olive Oils from Spain
Oils and life
On 26 December, many families dine on Christmas leftovers. With that in mind, we want to help you get the most out of your leftovers to make a great meal this Boxing Day. How about a turkey pie made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain?
Spoon of extra virgin olive oils from Spain
The benefits of oil from olives can be said for a long time. Its regular use in food has a complex beneficial effect on our body: in this case, the risk of multiple diseases is reduced. In addition, olive oil is often used as an effective and safe remedy for skin care, lips, hair and nails. And this product is prescribed as an element of sports nutrition and a diet of pregnant women! However, not everyone knows that olive oil can also help in everyday life - and facilitate many everyday household procedures.
Celebrity beauty secrets for radiant hair and skin
Oils and life
We often find ourselves searching for the perfect skin cream and end up spending a fortune on treatments and lotions that promise to give us a healthy, radiant glow. Today we want to tell you all about an all-natural beauty trick that can do just that. It’s good for your skin and your wallet! Do you want to know what it is?
Healthy fast food preserving in Olive Oil
Do you dream about getting home and finding dinner all ready for you? Or taking less time to prepare a delicious meal than it does to eat it? Then pay attention to this post because we’ve got a fantastic solution for you.  And simple too: preserve your food in olive oil. Once your friends have tried it, they’ll all want to do it. So take note! 
Oils and life
Deep, passionate and tender kisses. Hurried, sensual and unforgettable kisses. Small kisses in which the lips barely touch. Intense and romantic kisses that ignite desire.
Chocolate Millefeuille
Oils and life
Valentine’s Day is a very important date in the United Kingdom. Every couple plans their own version of 24 romantic hours in which expressions of love play an essential part. Store windows up and down the country showcase fantastic gift ideas featuring hearts of every variety and size.