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November 28, 2023

Illustrating the Essence of Spanish Olive Oils with artist Beatriz Naranjalidad

Olive oil isn’t just a unique food for its health benefits and culinary flexibility; it’s also a wellspring of inspiration for artists worldwide. Enter illustrator Beatriz Naranjalidad, whose work, inspired by our liquid gold and its entire environment, transports us to the Spanish olive groves.

But let’s start at the beginning… Who is Beatriz Naranjalidad?

About Beatriz Naranjalidad

Behind Beatriz Naranjalidad is Beatriz Ramo, an artist originally from Alicante, now based in Madrid, Spain. A former architect turned illustrator; she not only collaborates with various brands but also teaches classes. Among other things, she instructs on creating portraits and illustrated filters for social media.

Beatriz’s works, stemming from her transition from architecture to illustration, are infused with portraits that come alive through a fusion of nature, a vibrant color palette, and touches of surrealism. She stands out for her mastery of pencil, charcoal, watercolor, and digital tools, fearlessly exploring experimental techniques that enrich her artistry. Her aim is to transport viewers into diverse atmospheres within each piece, using intense expressions and a rich visual composition.

Her art has graced exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, and even the vibrant city of Shanghai. Moreover, she has made her mark in illustrating several books and collaborating with renowned brands such as Vogue, Oysho, Fnac, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Cervezas Alhambra, Adobe, Huawei, Lenovo, the Madrid City Council, Hyundai, Editorial Planeta, Yorokobu, and Danone.

A Visual Journey with Beatriz Naranjalidad into Spanish Olive Oil

Discover our collaboration with the talented illustrator Beatriz Naranjalidad! In our constant pursuit to capture the essence of Spanish olive oil, we’ve partnered with this artist whose artistic skills and profound love for nature intertwine in every stroke.

The illustration we’ve co-created with Beatriz is a visual narrative spanning from olive cultivation in sunlit fields to the careful process of harvesting, pressing, and bottling, culminating in the enjoyment of liquid gold at the table. This piece not only reflects Beatriz’s artistic mastery but also celebrates the authentic journey and tradition ingrained in Spanish olive oil production.

Through this collaboration, we aim to honor the history, passion, and craftsmanship that envelops every drop of our olive oil. We invite you to explore this fusion of art and cultural heritage, allowing us to share with the world the magic residing in every bottle of Spanish olive oil.


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