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May 18, 2024

Homemade hand cream with olive oil

Homemade hand cream with olive oil


Olive oil is not only used to take care of us inside, but we can also use it to take care of our skin and make natural homemade cosmetics in a simple way with products that we all have within reach. Today we will show you how to produce an olive oil-based homemade moisturizing cream for hands. 


Olive oil moisturizing cream ingredients

To make our homemade olive oil moisturizer we will need the following ingredients:

  • A small pot
  • Two crystal glasses
  • A wooden stick
  • A container suitable for storing the cream
  • A sheet of beeswax of 7 x 7
  • 60 gr. of extra virgin olive oil from Spain


Steps to make moisturizing cream with extra virgin olive oil from Spain

To make our homemade moisturizing cream with extra virgin olive oil from Spain we will have to follow the following steps: 

  1. In order not to lose the beneficial properties of beeswax, we will heat water in a small pot over low heat. We will take one of the glasses and we will put it in a bain-marie. Pour the wax into the glass, cut into small squares, and wait for it to melt. If we expose the beeswax to an excess of heat, its properties will be diminished. 
  2. While you wait for the wax to melt, put in the other glass the 60 gr. of extra virgin olive oil from Spain. 
  3. Once the wax is completely melted, add the EVOO from Spain little by little, while stirring until it dissolves. At first it may seem that the oil has been cut off, but don’t worry. Continue stirring and wait for it to melt with the wax. 
  4. When the mixture is dissolved, remove the glass from the pot and put it in the refrigerator. This step will make the anti-aging cream go from a liquid to a solid state.
  5. After about an hour you can take it out, stir the mixture and you have your moisturizing cream with olive oil. 
  6. Finally, to finish, pour the cream obtained in a container where you are going to keep it. It is not necessary to keep it in the refrigerator, you can do it in the bathroom with the rest of your hygiene products. And don’t worry, it will keep its properties for months.


Olive oil benefits for skin

  1. EVOO is a natural moisturizer for your skin.
  2. Helps to remove makeup. It acts as a facial cleanser, being a great natural makeup remover, as it also provides hydration and repair. It helps to keep the skin young and soft.
    You can remove make-up as usual but using EVOO. It is only important to mention that it is not recommended to use it directly to remove eye makeup, since it is a sensitive area.
  3. Olive oil helps preserving your youthful glow. Olive oil is a fantastic daily moisturizer since it is light and smooth, and it softens and nourishes most skin types while adding a faint, natural-looking shine. A few drops can also be added to your favourite body lotion, serum, or moisturizer to help your skin retain moisture and feel softer.


Enjoy the process of making this hand cream and explore all the uses of extra virgin olive oil from Spain.


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