The industry

The industry

The Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional is formed by all the groups who work in all the stages of the olive oil production and sale. We are the voice of 400,000 olive growers, 1,755 oil mills, 1,500 bottlers and 22 refineries.

Thanks to its work, Spain has been established as the leading country in the production, sale and export of olive oil with average sales of 1,400,000 tons per year in recent seasons, 60% of which is destined for the export market.

Our industry is one of the most dynamic in the Spanish agri-food system, and acts as a key driver of our economy. In fact, olive oils are our country’s third most exported food product, with 10% of the total sales of our agri-industry.

This is only possible thanks to our olive growing tradition and the vast fields dedicated to this purpose: 2,500,000 hectares of the most diverse and productive olive groves in the world, and 340 million olive trees, representing the largest olive growing area on the planet.

It is a landscape and environmental heritage that is part of our culture, tradition and history. Our olive groves are supported by a technologically advanced and professional industry capable of producing the highest quality oils and selling them all over the world. These oils are able to meet the demands of the most discerning consumers.

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