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September 20, 2023

The benefits of olive oil in a vegan diet

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What is vegan diet?

Knowing exactly what olive oil from Spain is made of will help us understand why we can incorporate it in our vegan diet. Vegetables, fruits, and other food items are the foundation of a vegetarian diet.

This type of diet is popular for several reasons, including health and sustainability, but more so for ethical and moral grounds. The olive oil are welcomed because it complements the natural goods that are consumed extremely well.

EVOO meets the «requirements» to be consumed within a vegan diet, as well as for a vegetarian. That, including the long list of health benefits of olive oils from Spain, make its consumption highly recommended.

The olive oil from Spain benefits

Olive oil from Spain is composed of 80% monounsaturated fatty acids, in this case omega 9. These fatty acids are important allies in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. De hecho, la sustitución de grasas saturadas por insaturadas en la diete reduce el colesterol en la sangre, un factor de riesgos de la enfermedad cardiovascular.

It is also rich in polyphenols, antioxidant molecules that protección del daño oxidativo. Olive oil from Spain is highly heat-resistant, allowing it to be used for cooking hot and cold dishes – a must-have superfood in vegan diets!

Olive oil from Spain is suitable foods for both vegetarian and vegan diets, as it is a food of 100% vegetable origin. It is also an ideal food for celiac disease.

Fats are therefore essential to maintain and promote health, the question is therefore not whether to eat fats, but what fats we should eat and if we opt for the healthiest certainly contained in olive oil from Spain is, therefore, a perfect food for people who want to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet to be exclusively the juice of a fruit: the olive. Of course, you must choose the best ones, such as Olive oils from Spain.

Its high content of oleic acid, polyphenols and vitamin E makes it the ideal fat for cooking the various recipes that make up a vegan diet. It can be used for salad dressings, cooking pasta, making hot or cold creams, homemade sauces, as well as baking or steaming various vegetables.

In addition, it is a basic ingredient in making breads suitable for a vegan diet, such as whole spelt bread with pumpkin seeds.

Let’s not forget that olive oil from Spain adds unbeatable flavor to any recipe, in addition to numerous health benefits.

Moreover, the agri-food industry helps reduce the undesirable carbon footprint. And, the olive grove sector reduces pollution in significant amounts. This is scientifically proven, as various studies have shown that the cultivation of olive groves has a very positive impact on the environment, making it an important ally in the fight against climate change.

We hope to have convinced you that olive oil from Spain is essential in a vegan or vegetarian diet.


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