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October 31, 2017

A three-course meal to impress your guests

If you like to spoil your friends and family by making special meals and turning gatherings into moments that everyone will remember, we’d love to help you! We’re going to show you a delicious Spanish style three-course meal that everyone will be sure to love. All of our recipes are healthy and are based on following a healthy, balanced diet. They include fresh ingredients and, of course, our wonderful Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.

We have a Spanish style three-course meal that we guarantee will impress even the most demanding dinner guests! Plus, it’s an easy way to consume the recommended daily 20 grams of Olive Oil. As we all know, the polyphenols in Extra Virgin Olive Oil help protect lipids in the bloodstream from oxidative stress, one of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Additionally, Olive Oil provides us with vitamin E, another powerful natural antioxidant.

Ready to cook?

We suggest that you start off on the right foot with this masterpiece, a delicately unique appetizer, delicious Kangaroo Tartare. This recipe was the winning tapa at our fabulous “Win a Trip to Spain” competition, submitted by one of our followers, Jeff Brady.

Kangaroo Tartare

First course

To start off, this first course is a true palate cleanser, our fresh and delicious Beetroot gazpacho with mango vinaigrette

A three-course menu to impress your guests

Second course

For the main course, we recommend this lovely wild sea bass with poached vegetables. Get creative and include your favorite seasonal vegetables. And of course, we can’t forget the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain!

Beetroot gazpacho


Last but not least, to end the evening with a wonderful sweet touch, try our orange and chocolate flan, as Spanish as desserts come. You can easily make it the morning of your dinner, or even the day before so you won’t be stuck in the kitchen all day.

Orange and chocolate flan

Now the only thing left is to enjoy the results of your hard work with your friends and loved ones!

For more ideas on how to make every meal healthy, nutritious, and flavorful, visit our recipe book and check out our suggestions.  We regularly update this section, so keep checking back to find out what new recipes we have for you.

And for more information on the wide-ranging health benefits of our liquid gold, check out the health and wellness section on our website.


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