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JANro 07, 2018

UK: Beat the Post-Holiday Winter Blues

Christmas might be history already, but that’s no reason to shut yourself away at home. The best thing you can do to beat the post-festive blues is get bundled up, put on your boots, grab an umbrella and get out in the open air! There are certain pleasures that you can only experience in winter and they have just the same effect as if you were soaking up the sun in more temperate climes. Physical exercise and fresh air help to alleviate the syndrome known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression experienced in the depths of winter which makes people feel tired and listless due to lack of daylight).

So rally yourself, get out there and have a good time! You could, for example, dance the night away with unparalleled views of London at your feet at the silent disco every Tuesday and Saturday through to the end of February in the iconic View from The Shard. Put on your headphones and dance to the beat of the best sounds in a truly unique setting! The exercise will get your body pumping out those endorphins, the feel-good hormone.

If being outdoors is your thing, strap on some skates and launch yourself onto the open-air ice rink at Somerset House, which also has a skating school for every age and level.

Winter Blues

And while exercise is important, so is food. Did you know that in winter our body is programmed to need more calories? That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on excesses and enjoy healthier meals. You can even combine food and exercise on a pleasant stroll through a market to discover the latest ideas from artisan producers at the Real Food Market, opposite King’s Cross station, held every month, or at the Southbank Centre, held three times a week.

Or, why not defy the bad weather and set off on a winter’s picnic? Get cooking with some of our mouth-watering recipes using Extra Virgin Olive Oil from SpainCroquettes, for example, are delicious hot or cold, and so easy to transport! Spanish omelette is another classic that should always be part of any open-air meal, and is even more delicious served in a crispy baguette. And don’t forget to take along a sweet (and healthy) treat such as these wonderful almond ring cookies.

Tapas with olive oil from Spain

And what if it all goes pear-shaped, and the snow and the rain force you to stay at home? Well, we’d like to invite you to come and discover our lifestyle! It’s a little bit of sunshine peaking through in the depths of the bleak mid-winter!


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