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JANro 11, 2018

The best way to look after your Olive Oil

Olive Oil from Spain is synonymous with health. We already know a huge number of facts about this extraordinary product: its numerous health benefits for the human body, its use in beauty treatments and the delicious meals you can make with it.

However, there is one extremely important fact that not everyone is aware of but which is very useful for consumers to know: how to store it.

If you know about and follow the key points for storing your Olive Oil properly, you’ll always be able to enjoy its wonderful benefits to the full. So that’s why this is a good time to learn how to store Olive Oil in the home:

How to store olive oil correctly:

  1. Olive Oil is a living product so a few basic pointers need to be followed when storing it to keep all its properties intact.
  2. Before filling your Olive Oil dispenser or bottle, be sure to clean it thoroughly to remove any traces of old oils that might give it a rancid flavour and spoil the taste of the fresh oil. One way of doing this is by mixing water with bicarbonate of soda and avoiding highly scented cleaning products.
  3. You should also know that, unlike wines, Olive Oils do not improve with age, and for this reason you should be sure to use it within around 18 months of its bottling date or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Direct light has a damaging effect on Olive Oil which is why so many of them are bottled in dark glass or an opaque material. This helps to prevent the oil from oxidizing and losing its nutritional qualities.

    Bottle of olive oil from Spain_detail of bottle

  5. The oil should be protected from air, light, heat and humidity. It must be stored in a sealed container at room temperature, the ideal temperature being 20º C.
  6. You should always try to avoid any sudden changes of temperature.
  7. If, due to excess cold, the oil has thickened or solidified, simply leave it at room temperature to return to its normal condition. 

    olive oil solidified

If you follow these small but essential tips to the letter, you’ll always be able to enjoy our exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain in the optimum condition. Their organoleptic properties of colour, aroma and flavour will be kept intact as if your Olive Oil had just been released from our presses.

If you’d like to follow a healthy recipes for everyday eating and learn about everything that Olive Oils from Spain have to offer, learn how here:


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