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July 12, 2017

Yes, you can cool off with Olive Oil!

The only difference between a madman and a genius is that one plays the fool and the other makes Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain flavoured ice-creams. If you thought you’d seen everything in the gastronomic universe, don’t miss a single comma of this article. You’ll be amazed.

It’s always said that summer is the best time of the year to find a partner and to enjoy chilled, refreshing food. The following recipe will help you achieve both things. In which order is up to you!

The sham is over! Stop pretending you write poetry to try to make yourself look interesting to others! All you have to do is take advantage of the nutritional properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, which are numerous, and the fact that it goes with virtually everything, to make the most on-trend and ground-breaking of ice creams. A delicious creation that brings together Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, orange liqueur and honey. See full recipe here: Olive oils flavored ice-cream

Healthy ice cream with olive oil

Fancy having a go? Then here are the ingredients. Kit yourself out with one of those huge bibs as well, because this is going to make your mouth water!

Tasty, hey? This ice cream will help consolidate your reputation as the most original chef around.  And don’t forget: next time they ask you what the difference is between a madman and a genius, don’t answer with words. Let this ice cream speak for you.

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