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July 19, 2017

Perfect Ideas for a Merry Christmas

Christmas is here! There is much to be done so that everything looks perfect for the holidays: decorating a beautifully-trimmed Christmas tree that is as spectacular as Michelle Obama’s, choosing a delicious menu, dressing the table elegantly… Today we want to give you ideas big and small, for your Christmas table to be as special as possible!

Perfect Ideas for a Merry Christmas

Decoration is essential for an impeccable table. The table will be the centre of attention; we sit around it together to eat and to have a good time as a family. Do you want to celebrate these moments I a special way? Jot down these 7 recommendations for your Christmas table to look unique:

  1. Include Christmas colours: green, red, white, silver and gold. Each of them is beautiful, but refrain from using them all at once. Ideally, you should combine two colours: gold and white, or silver and red. These go together very well, and it is very fashionable right now to mix silver with purple or blue.
  2. Do lay a neutral tablecloth. The tableware should be simple preferably without pictures. That way, it’s easier to play around with Christmas colours.
  3. Avoid ostentatious ornaments, especially at the centre of the table, as they undermine the importance of everything else. It is better if they are low-lying and don’t inhibit communication around the table. Take a look at these small, pretty pine cones painted by children.

    Perfect Ideas for a Merry Christmas 

    Candles are a must: Indispensable. The taller and thinner, the better. If they match the table and are placed on an elegant candelabra, they will look amazing. When buying always remember that they should not produce smoke or be aromatic!

    Perfect Ideas for a Merry Christmas

  4. Decorative napkins: Simplicity. With a smooth satin ribbon in a colour matching the tones chosen for your table, tie your napkin with a bow and include a Christmas-theme decoration (bells, a star, etc.). You could also wrap the cutlery together with the napkin and place them at the centre of the plate.

    Perfect Ideas for a Merry Christmas

  5. A personalised touch on the glasses: A gesture for our guests will also indicate where they should sit. Example: set a small star- or bell-shaped card in a colour that matches the tones chosen with the name of the diner written on it.
  6. Small table? Make it look longer by placing a table runner in a colour that contrasts with the tablecloth and matches the colours chosen. If you don’t have one, you can buy satin ribbons of different widths and lay them along the table. Fasten them at convenient points with double-sided tape or safety pins.

    Perfect Ideas for a Merry Christmas

  7. Complete the decor with chairs and cushions: A simple idea with a very Christmassy touch is to dress the chairs with a bow in a colour that matches the tones you have chosen for the table. Choose a ribbon 10 cm wide and around 2 metres long per chair. Make a bow in the middle of the back of the chair and hang a Christmas decoration, or nuts or pine cones decorated with glitter, painted by the kids. You can also give a final holiday touch to the cushions on your sofa by wrapping them with beautiful bows.

 Perfect Ideas for a Merry Christmas

The most important part of these festivities: the menu. Nothing can be missing and everything must be perfectly cooked. Look through our recipe book to discover fantastic ideas which will surely be a big help when designing your Christmas meal.

A word of advice for preparing appetizers: make sure they are presented elegantly and always make them bite-size.

Our last piece of advice is to complete your exclusively-designed decorations with a graceful and golden bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain. Decorate it for the occasion and place it on the table with small pieces of toast: you will have an instantly delicious appetiser.

We hope all of these suggestions are helpful when preparing the table, and to make everything look impeccable during such a special season.

Let’s enjoy a very happy Christmas with all our loved ones!


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