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July 27, 2017

Five ways to hydrate your kids in summer

Now that summer and its high temperatures are here, there is a higher risk of dehydration, especially for the little ones at home. This is why knowing the symptoms of dehydration, such as headache, dry skin or muscle cramps, are important for prevention.

Kids_symptoms of dehydration

The problem begins when the kids don’t want to drink sufficient amount of water and it’s difficult to make them understand the importance of hydrating. That’s why we’ve found five original, and at the same time healthy, ways to hydrate children:

  1. Smoothies are very popular now. Aside from being delicious, kids love their different colors. They can be sweet or, if made with vegetables, savory. It’s impossible to resist a delicious smoothie! And with the leftover fruit from the smoothies, you can make a tasty fruit salad. They’ll be asking for more!

    Smoothies for kids

  2. Vegetables are one of the fruits that provide the most water. The challenge is making them attractive enough for the kids to eat. Remember, this one of their most hated food! Salads are a great option.

    Salads are a great option

  3. Aside from providing water to the body, they make a refreshing summer dish. Take the watermelon salad as an example. All you need are a few slices of watermelon, a splash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, salt, black pepper, two bunches of watercress, grilled goat cheese and some balsamic vinegar.

    watermelon salad

  4. Another way to make kids eat vegetables is by seasoning or cooking them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain. It gives the vegetables a unique flavor which the kids will enjoy. You can boil the veggies in water with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain and salt, fry them with a little garlic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, or even make vegetable tarts. Who can refuse this delicious tomato tart? Who would not want a piece?
  5. What kid can resist good ice cream? Besides being a favorite of the little ones; due to its primarily composition of water or milk, it also helps them stay hydrated – talk about killing two birds with one stone!

    good ice cream

  6. Last but not the least, you cannot forget about the lip-smacking juices and slushes, very appropriate for summer. For this, you should chop the fruit and blend it. If you’re making juice, all you have to do now is serve it cold. For slushes, you have to mix the juice with a little syrup and serve it with crushed ice. Even you’ll want some!

Did you know that apart from looking after your insides, olive oil can also care for your outside too!?


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