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November 11, 2020

Olive oil expiration date

Does olive oil have an expiration date? This is a question you’ve probably had more than once, for sure. You look at the packaging and the label but can’t find the expiration date in olive oil bottles, why not?

The answer is simple: olive oil can maintain its properties for a long time if you store it properly. and most of the goodness of its composition does not spoil over time. That is why olive oil it doesn’t have an expiration date per se. However, it must have a best before date and you should pay attention to the label, read it carefully.

Difference between expiration date and best before date of olive oil

The best before date is usually between 9 and 24 months from the date of bottling, and it establishes the period of time in which the olive oil maintains its flavours and scents in perfect condition.

Although it is absolutely safe to consume olive oil after the best before date, from that point on the manufacturer does not guarantee that the product will maintain its full organoleptic properties as they were at the time of bottling.

There is no problem at all in consuming Spanish olive oil once the best before date has passed. It remains equally safe and healthy, although both its scent and taste may have lost intensity by then.

The labelling of Spanish olive oil

In addition to the type of olive oil you are buying (virgin, extra virgin, etc.), you should make sure it is Spanish olive oil by checking its origin on the label.

The label in a Spanish olive oil bottle has a lot of useful information, like the best before date

The label must indicate the address of the producer/packer and a contact number or email for customer service, in addition to the product’s batch number in order to guarantee its traceability.

Also, if the oil is exported from Spain, the product will pass through the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), which will make sure that the product respects the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act labelling policies and requisites.

Olive oil does not have an expiration date, but a best-before date

Hopefully this article has solved some of your questions. The expiration date of olive oil is a very frequent enquiry, but this doesn’t make it less important by any means. Spanish olive oil is a product with amazing gastronomic characteristics and it brings many benefits to your cardiovascular health, that is why it is much better to enjoy it in full condition.

So, in order for your Spanish olive oil to stay in perfect condition at all times, you must store it correctly, and that’s something you can learn in our article ‘The best way to look after your Olive Oil’, a recommended read.


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