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July 07, 2017

Open face sandwiches: Toast ideas

Are you traditional, a hipster or do you let fashion pass you by? Whoever you are, these open toasted sandwiches are right up your street 

Stop all the clocks! When a good open toasted sandwich comes along, the time of day should be the last thing on your mind. Its delicious simplicity is ideal for breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, an afternoon treat or simply to finish off a hard day’s work with a nice dinner.

 Delicious simplicity is ideal for breakfast

Toasted sandwiches, just like tapas, are one of those foods that most of us just can’t give up. The secret to a good one? Good quality bread, just toasted (crunchy but not burnt) and that special touch of flavour infused by Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.

The magic of open toasted sandwiches is not only about the ingredients you top them with. The bread has to be toasted to perfection. And very crunchy. It’s twice the enjoyment when you hear the crunch as it crumbles in your mouth. And best of all, open toasted sandwiches transcend fashion, urban tribes and ageism; everybody loves them!

Would you like to know how to make the perfect toast? Then prepare some Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, rosemary and thyme.

Now you’ve seen what few people know, you can demand that your brother-in-law refers to you as the number one maker of toast. But don’t leave it too long before putting yourself to the test. Just in case, here are two opportunities to prove your worth.

Roasted vegetable open toasted sandwich with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain

Find more about the Roasted vegetable sandwich recipe

Roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetable

The end result: supreme quality!

Sirloin stek open toasted sandwich with caramelized onion and cheese

See full recipe of sirloin steak open toasted sandwich.

Sirloin steak open sandwiched toasted

Healthy envy, obviously. Because this dish, apart from being delicious, is 100% healthy.

So, how has that left you feeling? Do you want some more? Well, just you carry on and forget about the time on the clock. At the end of the day, time is just what happens between one open toasted sandwich and the next.



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