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March 24, 2023

The best Spanish salads


Salads are always a good option to start any meal or go by the side of your favorite dish and have something fresh. Spanish cuisine includes a variety of salads due to its richness and different regions, which also vary according to them. This compilation of our top four Spanish salads will make you want to try them right now and, of course, visit Spain as soon as possible!

  • Xatonada or Spanish Xato

We are starting with a traditional Spanish salad from the region of Catalonia, and you will especially find it in the Garraf and Penedès regions, have you tried it before? 

This salad got its name from the wine-growing areas where it is prepared, being found during the «aixetonar» festival, which in turn comes from the Catalan «aixeta» or griffin. That tap was the one that was placed on the barrels, so its origin is quite festive.

To prepare the Spanish Xato salad, the main ingredients that you will need are Escarole, Anchovies, black olives, almonds, hazelnuts, and extra virgin olive oil from Spain. Nevertheless, keep in mind that, like any other dish, depending on the population where it is prepared, adding a unique touch and, therefore, you can find different variations.

  • Ensalada malagueña (Malaga salad)

A very fresh salad recipe from Spain with ingredients that can easily be found in Malaga, mixing the acidity of the orange with the delicious taste of cod, potatoes, boiled eggs, green olives, and extra virgin olive oil from Spain. This salad has a special orange color and is ideal for winter because of its ingredients, but because of its freshness, you will want to eat it all year round.

Undoubtedly, it is a typical dish of the gastronomy of Andalusia that receives different names varying from «cafeta» salad, «remojón», «arriera», or even «campera». But no matter what name you find it under, it will not affect its incredible flavor or the main ingredients it contains.

  • Zorongollo Exstremeño

A great proof that a salad should not be flavorless or have lettuce as the main ingredient is the Zorongollo Exstremeño. This Spanish salad, which comes from Extremadura, and you will find it everywhere while traveling through Cáceres, by itself or by the side of meat or fish, and even over a slice of bread that can be a good appetizer.

It consists of a traditional dish based on tomatoes and peppers, which grow in the region, especially during the summer. In addition to the fresh ingredients mentioned above, it requires onion, garlic, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil from Spain, and a pinch of salt. Give this recipe a try to have a true taste of Extremadura! 

  • Mallorcan trampó 

If you want to try a salad recipe from the Balearic Islands, this typical Spanish salad from Mallorca is a good option. As for its ingredients, they are similar to the previous one, but the taste is very different. Its preparation only takes a few minutes to make, which is why it is a favorite in Mallorca cuisine. We have chosen this salad not only for its delicious and harmonious flavor but for the short time to prepare. Therefore, if you find yourself in a rush, this salad will save your life!

To prepare Mallorcan trampó, you will only need to chop and mix tomatoes,  green bell peppers, and Mallorquin onion, with extra virgin olive oil from Spain and salt.


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