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March 30, 2023

The most popular Spanish dishes

Spain is a beautiful, cultural, and diverse country, this is also reflected in its gastronomy. The Spanish culinary culture is famous and recognized worldwide, so today we will show you three of the most representative dishes from Spanish cuisine made with Olive Oils from Spain and its history to get inspired. Get ready to be amazed by them!


  • Spanish Tortilla

One of Spain’s most iconic dishes, the ‘tortilla de patatas’ is perfect for any time of day, having perfect simplicity and versatility, so it can be enjoyed as breakfast or dinner in the form of a snack or tapa. This representative dish can be found in different bars and restaurants in Spain, and in different versions, from the most classic one with potatoes, Spanish extra virgin olive oil and egg as main ingredients, to options with shrimps, eggplants, and much more!

But where did it start? This representative dish of its cuisine dates back to 1798 in a town in Spain called Villanueva de La Serena in Badajoz, while looking for cheap food to calm hunger, they found something that at the same time ended up being delicious, with local ingredients such as olive oil or potatoes. Although there is a discussion in Spain on whether it should have onions in it, what do you think?

Paella with mussels and shrimps

  • Paella

Paella is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic dishes of Spanish gastronomy that was originated in the rural areas of Valencia, its authentic version originated in a humble way with day laborers who mixed the food they had at hand, such as rice, rabbit, snails, olive oil from Spain, salt, among other ingredients. However, the most popular version of paella is prepared with seafood.  

Nevertheless, what brings Paella its iconic golden color is its base of olive oil from Spain, along with the saffron and Rosemary used to season the rice.

Similar to the Spanish potato omelet, nowadays, there are many variations of this Spanish paella dish, including squid, mussels, and shrimp, having mixed paella, vegetable paella or Senyoret rice, the possibilities are endless. Are you ready to visit Valencia and try it?


  • Churros

Finishing the list of typical Spanish dishes, we have a delicious dessert, which along with a hot chocolate makes a perfect combination for a cold winter. The best time to eat this dough of flour, salt, sugar, and water that is fried in boiling olive oil from Spain is undoubtedly the Christmas season.

You can find this typical Spanish dessert in the form of a ‘porra’, in a ribbon or on a stick, filled with chocolate fudge sauce, custard or even ‘dulce de leche’ in the streets of Spain, you can even enjoy them in Christmas markets!

Unlike the previous typical dishes, the origin of churros is attributed to the Portuguese, who in turn brought them from China. It was certainly worth the journey!

Now that you have three of the most popular Spanish dishes, it is time to prepare them at home using Olive Oils from Spain or enjoy them in your favorite bar. Have you tried any of these Spanish dishes before? If not, this is the perfect moment to make them!


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