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July 07, 2014

The Good Life Embassy, the event you can’t miss in Taste of Chicago

We want to invite you to…

The embassy of the good life: a space where, for five days, you can enjoy the Spanish lifestyle. Good times and good food all thanks to Olive Oil from Spain.

It is the perfect moment to open the embassy; within the activities of the Taste of Chicago, the gastronomic event of the year. Entrance to Taste of Chicago is free of charge.

Our guests include

We have assembled the best to join you:

  • The chef Marc Murphy, owner of the Benchmarc Restaurants and graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education. Marc learned from the best chefs in European restaurants to return years later to New York. Aside from opening numerous restaurants in New York, Marc Murphy has appeared in television programs such as Chopped and Iron Chef.
  • Diego Guerrero, the ambassador of The Good Life Embassy, is a two Michelin-starred chef who travels around the world spreading the lifestyle that The Good Life Embassy (#TGLE) promotes. He has already been to Mexico DF, Paris, Moscow, Berlin and London.

You can enjoy…

Different master classes to bring home the best cooking tips:

  • Cooking Master Class & Tasting with Marc Murphy. Marc Murphy will talk about using Olive Oil from Spain in the American kitchen to create healthy and delicious dishes. You’ll also discover the recipe to “The Good Life”.
  • Tapas Master Class & Tasting with Diego Guerrero. One of the successes of Spanish cuisine comes in small sizes. You will create and enjoy creations of a two-starred Michelin chef such as:
  1. Mini Babybel with camembert truffle fillingTruffled Mini Babybel
  2. Tricolor shot
  3. Eggs and bread with mashed potato and olive oil

The large space we have prepared will surprise you. Come for the whole day and you’ll find:

  • Tapas Dessert Tasting. The tasting area with the best desserts waiting to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Lounge Area. Relaxation and comfort are made to order as you spend some time enjoying and savoring the Spanish lifestyle.

You can also go to our Photo Opportunity to have a photo souvenir of “The Good Life Embassy”.

Well be waiting for you at

Grant Park, Taste of Chicago


July 9 – 13, 10 am to 9 pm

How can you attend?

Entrance to #TGLE is free of charge, just like the entrance to Taste of Chicago. If you want to attend, all you have to do is remember the date and time of your favorite activity or pass by any time and enjoy our tapas and lounge area.

The Opening Party held on July 9, which is invitation-only, is the sole exception. But don’t worry! If you want to attend, join our raffle where we’ll be giving away tickets on our Twitter feed and our Fan Page.


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