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June 30, 2014

The flavour of Spain arrives to London

The Good Life Embassy is a global series of gastronomic gatherings celebrating the enjoyment of great food made with Olive Oils from Spain. Each occasion brings together pleasure and health to share the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle, as well as key messages about the health and culinary benefits of using Olive Oil.

June 27th-28th saw The Good Life Embassy land in London with a two day event held at award-winning celebrity chef and popular author José Pizarro’s namesake restaurant, Pizarro, at 194 Bermondsey Street. He was joined by two-star Michelin Chef Diego Guerrero in a fusion of tapas, chef masterclasses, cocktails and teas.

With Pizarro and Guerrero at the helm, delicious dishes from all over Spain were both taught and enjoyed – a Spanish Brunch including Fried Eggs with Slow Cooked Summer Vegetables and Truffles, Catalan Butifarra Sausage with White Beans; a ‘Play Tapas’ session showcasing Iberico Pork Meatballs with Cuttlefish and Stuffed Courgette Flowers; and an Afternoon Tea and Cocktails session demonstrating how to use Olive Oils from Spain to add new twists to old favourites, including Bloody Marys, Gin Fizzes, Martinis, Green Tea and Mint Infusions. Even desserts and the humble sandwich were given makeovers with Olive Oils from Spain, proving that Olive Oils can transform even the most conventional of dishes into something divine!

Comments from attendees shared how the dishes and lessons were received with huge success:

@CorissaNunn boasted “Drowning in a deluge of delicious Olive Oil a @oliveoils_es_UK. This is officially how I want to die. #TGLE

@NatJBurns told her followers  @OliveOils_es_UK great fun! Will be buying your true Spanish Olive Oil ASAP #YesWayJose #TGLE

While the hit dish amongst attendees was undoubtedly a Marinated Pork Loin of the opening night, the most tender moment of the gathering was when Chef Pizarro revealed the secrets behind of his mother’s most treasured recipe – the a great tasting Artichoke Tortilla. Explaining how his mother brought him up in Spain on Olive Oil and Olive Oil alone, and that he swears by it over other cooking methods, Pizarro shouted, “COOK WITH BUTTER? NO WAY, JOSE!” followed by much laughter from the crowds.

Watch this space for upcoming Good Life Embassies in your area. In addition to London, we’ve visited Mexico City, Paris, Moscow and Berlin so far. The next ports of call for The Good Life Embassy will be Chicago, Sao Paulo and Shanghai!

We can’t wait to see what will be cooking up the Good Life Embassy kitchens next!

Diego Guerrero and José Pizarro



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