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AUGsto 02, 2015

Effect of the intake of extra virgin olive oil on gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a metabolic disorder that currently affects a third of pregnant women in our country and one that poses a risk to both mother and foetus. Researchers at the Clinical Hospital San Carlos de Madrid, under the coordination of Dr. Alfonso L. Calle argue that the dietary habits of the mother are crucial in the development of this condition. For this reason they have launched a research project which is paying particular attention to the dietary habits of pregnant women. Specifically, the team is working with the eating patterns found in the Mediterranean Diet, and its weekly contribution of a litre of extra virgin olive oil, a cornerstone of this type of diet. The research is being conducted on a sample of 350 women. With this study they hope to confirm that this eating pattern favours a significant reduction in the incidence of gestational diabetes. If so, it could become a basic recommendation for all pregnant women.

Researcher with glove in hand and safety goggles looking at pipettes with colored liquids

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