A glamorous yet healthy drink: Smoothies with Olive Oil

What would our lives be without celebrities? Yeah, right… exactly the same. But how many enjoyably gossipy afternoons have they given us? One tall story after another in the best of company. Priceless!

Anyway, if you fancy emulating the divas of the moment, there’s no need to abandon your education or burn your books. The new tip to be a VIP is make yourself a mouth-watering smoothie.

The image of a celebrity walking round with a massive smoothie in their hand is nothing new. These eye-catching, healthy and colorful fruit purées were, until quite recently, the best-kept secret for beauty and nutrition of many stars of stage and screen.  

If you drink one every day, smoothies can purify the blood, cleanse the body, help you lose weight, and, who knows, transform you into a gorgeous Taylor Swift or a handsome Matthew McConaughey.

You may not appear on the Forbes list of the richest celebrities in the world, but if you round off these delicious shakes with a bit of exercise and a healthy diet, you’ll be boasting a brilliant bod in no time.

The great thing about smoothies is that you can choose your favorite ingredients to customize your own flavor. There’s something for everyone: vegetables, fruits or a happy mix of both. The only thing you should never forget is to add a touch of Olive Oil from Spain, which not only enhances the flavor and improves the texture of your smoothie, but also adds multiple health benefits that will bring a new dimension to your drink with its antioxidants, vitamins and ant-inflammatory properties.

Now we’re talking! Ready to discover all the flavor and color we’ve prepared for you?

This summer, make sure your body and skin are bursting with health. You may not be a celebrity, but with all the flavor and healthiness of smoothies, who cares?

See full recipe here: Mango, papaya and carrot Smoothie 

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