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July 05, 2023

Dairy-free cake recipes

Dairy free carrot cake

Do you want to indulge in sweets without worrying about lactose? We have the ideal answer for you! Discover these lactose-free cake recipes enhanced with Spanish extra virgin olive oil.

For instance, remember that despite giving up milk or other products, baking does not have to stop being delicious.

Dairy-free chocolate and hazelnut cake

If you are one of those people who cannot resist a good chocolate cake, this is the perfect solution for you. A fluffy and succulent chocolate hazelnut cake is irresistible to anyone. Plus, it will be hard for anyone to notice that it is lactose-free.

The recipe consists of adding the typical ingredients of a chocolate cake, replacing the flour with gluten-free flour, and the butter with extra virgin olive oil from Spain. Indeed, replace the 200g of butter with 140 ml of extra virgin olive oil from Spain. Additionally, the special touch will be to incorporate 40 g of chopped hazelnuts in the dough and toast them beforehand.

Moreover, if you want to give it a special touch in terms of presentation, you can add edible flowers that will impress your guests, their bright colors will contrast with the chocolate color.

Lactose-free Oreo cake

If this type of cookie is usually your favorite, a tart is an exquisite option to enjoy it. Moreover, with its base of Oreo cookies and soft and creamy lactose-free cream, this tart is a match.

Firstly, you start with a base of crushed Oreo cookies, without filling, along with 80 grams of extra virgin olive oil from Spain. Then, prepare the filling mixture, which consists of lactose-free cream, crushed cookies, soy milk, and two sachets of curd. Wait for it to set, and you will have your lactose-free treat ready to enjoy with friends or for yourself!

Dairy-free carrot cake

If you want to surprise your friends and family with a delicious and original dessert, a lactose-free carrot cake is a perfect choice. With an intense flavor and a soft and fluffy texture, this cake is ideal for any occasion, from family dinners to parties with friends.

Start with the cake by integrating 22 ml of extra virgin olive oil from Spain, three eggs, sweetener, carrots, flour, cinnamon, and baking powder at 356F.

The key in this recipe is the frosting, which must be dairy-free and combine perfectly with the cake. Therefore, to achieve it, you must integrate the solid part of a can of coconut milk, vegan cream cheese, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar.

Lactose-free chocolate mousse cake

This recipe is the perfect combo if you cannot decide between a brownie and a mousse. With an intense chocolate flavor and a smooth, creamy texture, this cake is ideal for those looking for a decadent dessert. Get ready to feel like you are floating on a cloud of chocolate with every bite and get to work on the recipe.

First, prepare the brownie with the typical ingredients, including sugar-free and lactose-free chocolate, ground almonds, sweetener to taste, egg, extra virgin olive oil from Spain, and soy milk, and bake at 356ºF.

Once you have prepared the brownie, we start with the chocolate mousse, consisting of chocolate, soy milk, neutral gelatin, lactose-free cream, two egg whites, and sweetener.

Finally, it will only be a matter of joining them once they have cooled, and you will have your cake ready to taste.

We hope that these recipes have given you the motivation to make delectable lactose-free cakes with Spanish extra virgin olive oil. Why not give them a try right away? Try these dishes at home and enjoy them!


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