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October 01, 2021

Features you didn’t know about olive oil

olive oil characteristics

It is very easy to overlook the importance of olive oil. Even though most people know that olive oil is healthier than other vegetable oils, we still don’t know many things about this wonderful food. Here we will explain 6 characteristics of olive oil that you may have never heard of.

1) Olive oil does not have an expiration date

Olive oil does not get spoiled. However, we must check the best-before date, which guarantees that during that period olive oil keeps its fresh taste and health benefits. And no less important. Take care of it when you have it at home. Store your olive oil in a cool, dark place and with the cap always on to avoid contact with air.

2) Extra light olive oil does not imply low-calorie content. 

The calories of extra virgin olive oil and extra light olive oil are the same per serving (90 calories per 10 grams of olive oil). In fact, all fats have the same number of calories and fat grams per serving.

3) The color of olive oil does not affect its taste.

Many people feel that olive oil with a bright green hue is of higher quality. In reality, color has little to do with the quality of olive oil. As a result, professionals test oils through colored glass (to avoid any possibility that they could be influenced by color). Your olive oil can vary from pale yellow to dark green, depending on factors including the type of olive, where it is grown, the climate and, crucially, the date of harvest. Olives harvested when they are still green produce greener oils, while riper olives produce pale oils.

4) Every year, Spaniards consume around 120 million gallons of olive oil.

Olive oils are the most consumed oils in Spain. In 2019, extra virgin olive oil accounted for just over a quarter of all edible oils consumed in Spain.

5) Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is at the top of the olive oil quality spectrum.

Extra virgin olive oil is olive juice. It can only be extracted using physical methods and healthy olives at optimum maturity. In addition, the whole process is carried out as quickly as possible. Some extra virgin olive oils indicate on their packaging the phrase «cold extraction». This refers to the fact that, during the extraction process, the oil was not heated above 27 degrees Celsius and, therefore, the loss of some compounds responsible for the aroma and flavor of extra virgin olive oil, which are very sensitive to high temperatures, was avoided.

6) Spain is the largest olive grove on the planet.

Olive groves cover 28 million acres worldwide. They are historically a Mediterranean crop, with the majority of trees located in Spain, which has the largest olive grove area in the world, with more than 8 million acres. In fact, it is the most important permanent crop in the country, resulting in the largest humanized forest in the country. In total, some 340 million olive trees are cultivated. It also gives rise to one of the richest ecosystems in the country.


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