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Olive oils from Spain, a commitment to the future

Spain is the largest producer and exporter of Olive Oil in the world with more than 340 million olive trees, which cover an area of ​​some 2.5 million hectares, the source of half the olive oil in the world. Spain currently exports these Olive Oils to more than 160 countries.

Olive Oils frokm Spain, the gift of health

Give the Gift of Health, Give Olive Oils From Spain

Get it right, every time. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best gift, here’s why:

Why give Olive Oils from Spain? 

Spain is the global leader in quality and quantity of olive oil produced and sold.               

 king’s cake with Olive Oils from Spain

Learn how to make a king’s cake with Olive Oils from Spain

The Hermitage Garden in Moscow was filled with magic the weekend of 21 and 22 December. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed the Seasons magazine Christmas Fair, where visitors could experience the wonders of Christmas – buying fir trees, festive decorations and gifts that are not easily found, and sampling traditional food and drink. All in all, it was a unique weekend that also boasted the presence of several renowned chefs. 

Monte Testaccio




Monte Testaccio

Spanish olive groves fed the Roman Empire

“The amphoras of Baetica oil are the most abundant or most common in all of the Western Roman Empire.  Amphoras appear throughout all of Britain, in Wales, as well as in Belgium and Germany and even Switzerland.  They were also transported to Alexandria, Egypt, a distribution port which in turn shipped the oil to places as remote as Arikamedu, on the Eastern coast of India.”  Thus, amphoras containing oil from the banks of the Guadalquivir River in Andalusia traveled 8,000 kilometers to India two millennia ago!

Monte Testaccio




但是荣誉归于罗马——世界的中心。  “帝国和皇帝用一盘小扁豆购买平民的政治权力。帝国皇帝不得不在罗马维持社会和平,并通过低成本提供食物进行。罗马帝国的存亡取决于来自贝提卡的橄榄油。”我们现在所知的被称为泰斯塔西奥山堆的巨大的垃圾堆放场证明了这一点。雷密萨尔教授和他的团队多年来一直在进行研究: “这是一个绝对的人造山堆,完全是由废油瓶组成的,其周长近一公里,高度近乎50米,从前那个时候还要大得多。它曾是一个有组织的垃圾堆放场。现在我们可以计算出从奥古斯都时期到公元三世纪在首都消费的橄榄油的80%到85%来自贝提卡。” 



西班牙出口橄榄油至超过 170 个国家。世界上也只有 190多个国家,这表示几乎全世界每个角落都能找到西班牙的橄榄油。


这是个不争的事实。这段惊人的历史也让我们兴奋不已。在文德兰达这个英格兰偏远的郡,有一座古罗马军营的废墟。这座军营建于公元 85 年,设置的目的是为了防卫罗马帝国边境的哈德良长城。 两千年后的我们怎么知道那些罗马士兵也会食用来自贝提卡(Baetica,今日西班牙安达卢西亚一带)的橄榄油呢?因为他们用来运送橄榄油的“容器”被保留了下来(216 罗马磅容量,大约 70 公斤的双耳瓶)。 







Leading the export of olive oil to the entire world for over 2,000 years

Spain exports its olive oils to more than 170 countries around the world.  Considering that there are just over 190 countries existing today, we can say with confidence that you can find Spanish Olive Oil in practically any corner of the globe.


Marc Murphy, ‘The Good Life Embassy’ ambassador

The chef Marc Murphy, owner of the Benchmarc Restaurants and graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, will be the ambassador of The Good Life Embassy this weekend.