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May 07, 2017

Who says that fried foods are bad for your health?

No, you don’t really need to tell us who it was. All you need to do is suggest to that person that they read today’s blog post.

When it comes to frying food, just like so many other things in life, the how is just as important as the what. In actual fact, frying food properly is synonymous with good health. This is amply demonstrated by the famous Mediterranean Diet, which has Olive Oil as one its staple ingredients.

frying food

You mustn’t forget:

  • Olive Oil is the only oil able to withstand high temperatures (180ºC) without breaking down or losing its properties.
  • Furthermore, it is the oil that best protects foodstuffs thanks to the formation of a crispy crust which enhances the food’s flavour while at the same time preventing it from absorbing fat.

When reading this, anyone who says that fried foods are bad for your health should be starting to back away from their original claim. But if they’re not, make sure they watch this video.

Watch how we fry some spectacular torrijas and you’ll see how after plunging them into hot oil they’ll be soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

It’s no coincidence that every day more and more gourmands are convinced that Olive Oil is the best possible option when it comes to frying. Fancy joining them? You’ve got two options: study cookery for years or follow the following tips.

  1. Easy peasy: use plenty of Olive Oil to ensure that the food will be completely covered in the frying pan. This stops the food from burning or turning out too soft.

    Who said that fried foods were bad for your health

  2. Only put a few pieces of food in the frying pan at any one time. If you overfill it, the temperature will drop suddenly.

    Who said that fried foods were bad for your health

  3. This is really important: the food you are going to fry must be dry.
  4. Do not put a lid on the frying pan. This would just cause condensation which will then drip back into the oil as water.

    Olive oil falling from a bottle to a pan on wooden board


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