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July 15, 2022

What is Batch Cooking?

batch cooking

Batch cooking is a way of meal planning that allows us to prepare in large amounts once a week. By devoting one day to food preparation, we will have meals and dinners ready during the week that we will simply have to heat or complete cooking fast.

You may believe it is difficult, but we tell you that with a proper planning, it will become second nature to you. If you’re interested in batch cooking, you’ve undoubtedly already gotten organized with our weekly family menu. Cooking in batches allows you to save even more time.

Here you will find the benefits of batch cooking and learn to make easy recipes.


The benefits of batch cooking

Apart from the obvious benefit of saving time during the week, when we usually have little time when we get home to make lunch or dinner, Batch Cooking has several other advantages:

You save money and reduce food waste by only buying what you need for the week because you know what you’ll be cooking.

Your menu includes the suggested serving sizes for each meal.

Because you avoid last-minute solutions like ultra-processed foods and fast food, you eat better.

You don’t have to think about various menus for individuals who eat out because you can prepare the same food at home or for supper.


How to start batch cooking

The first thing to do is to organize a menu with similar ingredients and cooking methods to maximize the use of resources to save time in the kitchen. Once we know the menu, we will go shopping so that we do not lack anything at the time of cooking.

This time, we will use canned fish as a source of protein, which can be canned for greater convenience, as well as eggs and lean pork and chicken breast.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, we will use quinoa and brown rice to obtain carbohydrates, as well as canned legumes that facilitate the task at the time of cooking and thus, we will easily solve all the meals of the week.

The following menu proposal can be customized and adapted to each consumer or household.


Weekly batch cooling menu



  • Monday: Vegetable cream and fish fillets with vegetable ratatouille.
  • Tuesday: Salad with broccoli and roasted chicken breast with onions.
  • Wednesday: Salad with apple and meatballs with sautéed vegetables.
  • Thursday: Vegetable cream and pasta salad with chickpeas and vegetables.
  • Friday: Green salad with fresh cheese and tomatoes and vegetable quiche.
  • Saturday: Vegetable consommé and pasta with homemade tomato and meatballs.



  • Monday: Vegetable consommé and eggplant stuffed with minced meat.
  • Tuesday: Green cucumber and carrot salad and vegetable quiche.
  • Wednesday: Vegetable cream and spinach salad with strawberries and shredded chicken.
  • Thursday: Green salad with broccoli and vegetable ratatouille with fried egg.
  • Friday: Canned asparagus and pasta salad, tomatoes, and fresh cheese.
  • Saturday: Vegetable cream and eggplant pizzas with bacon and tomatoes.


What about dessert, breakfast, and snack?

You can always eat a couple of pieces of fruit per day, a yogurt or two daily, sliced and frozen pieces of bread, vegetable pâtés (hummus, guacamole…), eggs, fresh cheese, turkey and Iberian or cooked ham.

This is an example of a batch cooking menu that can be adapted to you needs and particular body characteristics.


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