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February 09, 2016

Olive oils from Spain, a commitment to the future

Spain is the largest producer and exporter of Olive Oil in the world with more than 340 million olive trees, which cover an area of ​​some 2.5 million hectares, the source of half the Olive Oil in the world. Spain currently exports these Olive Oils to more than 160 countries.

In Spain, more than 260 varieties of olive are grown that are scattered throughout the country, which is the greatest olive variety worldwide. We also have 29 protected Designations of Origin and about 170,000 hectares of ecological olive grove, the largest in the world.

Olive Oils from Spain hold a vast wealth of heritage, and great social, environmental, cultural and economic value to the country, as it underpins the economy of thousands of people throughout Spain. For this reason, Olive Oils deserve our utmost recognition, protection and care.

Pedro Barato

With this objective, we have created this new website, which we want to use to respond to these challenges and strengthen our awareness-raising activities, making the benefits of Olive Oils from Spain known throughout the world. Therefore, Donde Nace el Aceite will also showcase the culture, gastronomy, and history of our industry, which is so important to our country. We want this website and its blog to become a meeting and reflection space where we would like you to join us.

Therefore, we have created new sections and contents to affirm our commitment to spreading the tradition of Olive Oils from Spainmaking ourselves a reference point for both consumers and businesses.

We will also continue to promote the achievements of olive farmers, oil mills, bottlers and exporters, because we want to give visibility to all those involved in the entire value chain of Olive Oils from Spain, as each of these stakeholders represents the spirit of this industry, its desire to excel, its commitment to maintaining high standards of quality, a tradition that blends seamlessly with the most advanced technologies, and a commitment to innovation. A whole industry working together with a clear objective: to continue producing the best Olive Oils, and to place Spanish “liquid gold” in the position it deserves in markets around the world.

Because Donde Nace el Aceite is born of passion, and our passion is Olive Oils from Spain.

We look to the future with passion, renewed hope and dreams to fulfill. One of those dreams has come true in the shape of this new website, where we will continue our commitment to our Olive Oils and this industry.

Welcome to Donde Nace el Aceite’s new adventure.


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