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March 02, 2018

How to use olive oil for home care?

The benefits of oil from olives can be said for a long time. Its regular use in food has a complex beneficial effect on our body: in this case, the risk of multiple diseases is reduced. In addition, Olive Oil is often used as an effective and safe remedy for skin care, lips, hair and nails. And this product is prescribed as an element of sports nutrition and a diet of pregnant women! However, not everyone knows that Olive Oil can also help in everyday life – and facilitate many everyday household procedures. So that you can see this, we have assembled the top 7 of the most unusual ways of using Olive Oil.

spoon of olive oils from Spain

Restoration of leather goods

Olive Oil will help improve the appearance not only of your skin, but of the skin from which upholstery of home furniture, jackets, belts, gloves and shoes are made. In case you notice cracks on leather products, sprinkle with oil on them, mash, leave for half an hour, and then remove the rest of the liquid with a paper towel. After such treatment, the skin will become more elastic and shiny.

Caring for wooden things

Wood, like leather, needs to be moistened and, over time, is also covered with scratches and abrasions. To hide such defects and give the wood surface a characteristic sheen, you will need Olive Oil and lemon juice or vinegar. Two parts of the oil must be mixed with one part of the juice / vinegar and their mixture wipe the «tired» wooden furniture, toys, floor, etc.

Cleaning of metal objects

Olive Oil helps to simplify the cleaning of almost any metal. So, for example, moistened in this product with a cloth it is possible to return a fraction of the gloss to things made of stainless steel and brass. Cutlery will be easier to clean from honey or sugar syrup, if you first sprinkle them with olive oil. The same is true for garden implements – the land on it then sticks less.

Washing your hands of paint and grease

If you get stained with paint during a house repair or with car oil and other similar chemicals in the garage, then Olive Oil will help to simplify hand washing. To do this, rub the skin and leave for 5 minutes, so that the contamination is well soaked. After that, you just have to wash your hands with clean warm water with any ordinary soap, household or cosmetic.

Getting rid of stickers and labels

When trying to get rid of stickers pasted on furniture, walls or home appliances, almost always there is a problem – on the place of the sticker there is a white substrate, which has to be scraped off. To avoid this, drip the sticker with Olive Oil, rub it and wait a few minutes. After this, the sticker will be removed easily and without a trace – parents of young children will appreciate it!

Remove dried cud

Chewing gum, thrown on the floor, glued from the bottom to the table top or fallen into the hair, is very difficult to remove when it dries. Olive Oil in this situation will help to moisten it and simplify removal. All you need is to drop 1-2 drops of liquid on the chewing gum and the area around it, so you can remove this garbage without problems, just pulling it aside.

spoon of olive oils from Spain

You will agree, having tried such interesting and non-standard methods of application of oil from olives, to be convinced of its universality as much as possible easily and visually. Regardless of what area is involved: cooking or taking care of the house!


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