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July 23, 2015

Extra-virgin olive oil, our great health ally

We like its taste. We know that its health properties benefit us inside and out, and of course, we don’t know how to cook without out. Olive oil is essential to Spanish life and culture. In addition, this liquid gold hides many healthy properties, with numerous scientific studies supporting the benefits of its consumption.

One of these studies is the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where the Multidisciplinary Group of the Breast Cancer Study Center began to study the effect of dietary fat in the development of breast cancer 30 years ago. This study shows how regular consumption of extra-virgin olive oil can slow the progression of this type of cancer. Furthermore, the tumors are less aggressive. In fact, scientists have suspected this relation for years, which is what would explain why the incidence of this cancer is significantly lower in the Mediterranean basin than in other countries.

The research, led by Dr. Eduard Escrich, has had the cooperation of the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional, and has shown that extra-virgin olive oil is of great help against this disease through diverse and complex mechanisms, most notably its inhibitory action of tumor cell proliferation pathways and the induction of their death.

Additionally, extra-virgin olive oil has demonstrated beneficial effects on some of the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. The scientists who participated in the Predimed study have confirmed this.

Extra-virgin olive oil, our great health ally

According to their research, the consumption of about three tablespoons a day is linked to a 30% reduction in the risk of heart disease and cardiovascular mortality in risk groups who have a Mediterranean diet.

And its list of health benefits does not end there. Olive oil also has anti-inflammatory, regenerating, hydrating and antioxidant effects. In fact, another study, this time from the professor of Biochemistry at the University of Zaragoza, Jesus of Osada, notes that extra-virgin olive oil contains a component, hydroxytyrosol, which has a higher antioxidant power than even vitamin E.

Therefore, it is a food which, in addition to being delicious, can help us have a healthier lifestyle and feel better. Add it to your diet and start to enjoy all its benefits, in addition to its taste!


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