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February 27, 2017

A truly addictive snack: popcorn with Olive Oil from Spain

There are some mysteries that humanity has still failed to resolve. Which came first: cinema or popcorn? Don’t worry. You don’t have to answer now. Choose your favourite movie before someone else beats you to it and get yourself ready for a home cinema session. We’ll supply the popcorn, obviously. At least, we’ll tell you the secret to making award-winning popcorn 😉

Making one of the most addictive snacks on the planet calls for a trick or two. You have to cater for what seems like a million different tastes in order to please everyone: a bit of flavouring here, a bit less there; now they’re too spicy, then they’re too salty, and then someone wants sweet ones…

There are no barriers to achieving popcorn that’s as scrumptious as your favourite action hero. These little golden nuggets of corn are popular with just about everyone, and when you fry them in olive oil you’ll feel like eating them in time to a dance-floor beat when you hear their cheerful pop-pop-pop.

Music, film… Any excuse is a good one for getting out the popcorn. Take a look at these gourmet popcorn recipes from Olive Oils from Spain; all you need to choose is who you want to spend these moments with. The best nights in always start with a great snack.

Wasabi and ginger popcorn

Wasabi and ginger popcorn

See full recipe here.

Sweet popcorn with caramel and pretzels 

Sweet popcorn with caramel pretzels

See full recipe here.

Popcorn with crispy bacon, paprika and honey

Our favorites! Created especially for you… See full recipe here.




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