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JANro 22, 2018

Raw Food Lifestyle

You’re well aware of how much we love the Mediterranean Diet. We are big advocates of this lifestyle because it allows you to eat a healthy, varied diet without cutting out foods – you can just make them healthier thanks to Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.  This is why we’re talking about Raw Food. This new trend inspires us and easily adapts to our Mediterranean lifestyle.

We all know, and we’ve talked about this many times when recommending the Mediterranean Diet,  healthy eating habits and a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables and, of course, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, are essential for our health. This is why the Raw Food Diet is so popular. It focuses on these elements and technically, it is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.

Including raw foods in your diet means including lots of beneficial nutrients in your day-to-day.

What do you eat on a typical day?

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains and legumes. Seaweed, carob powder, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain and certain spices and condiments are also a key part of this diet. Products picked straight from nature, grown naturally, organically and sustainably.

Just like other diets, there are many health and lifestyle advantages to the Raw Diet. The main benefit of raw food is how it makes you feel, inside and out. It connects people with nature and increases energy levels and mental clarity.

Fruits and vegetables comsuption

Mediterranean Diet and Raw Food Lifestyle

The Mediterranean Diet has a lot in common with the Raw Food trend: they both focus on plant-based foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy fats, such as the star of healthy fats, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.

  • Following this type of lifestyle helps you feel good physically and mentally. It improves your mood and your health.
  • It increases concentration levels.
  • It helps you age better and look healthier overall.
  • It’s good for the environment: the conventional food industry uses so many pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers that not only are harmful to your health, but to the ecosystem as well.

A soup of olive oil

What type of lifestyle do you follow? If you’re up for a change and are interested in a healthy lifestyle, we can help! We have so many ideas and recipes on our website. Discover the latest on our amazing Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spainl, the Mediterranean Diet and healthy diets.  We also have a collection of healthy smoothies, like our detox smoothie with celery, avocado and ginger to start the day off on the right foot.

What better time to cleanse your body than now? A new year allows for a fresh start, and a healthy diet will help you face it with energy and optimism. Are you up for it? Share your ideas with us!

Olive oil Detox


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