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November 12, 2017

The latest in building preservation: Olive Oil

Yes, you read that right: Olive Oil is being used to preserve the facades of historic buildings.

It turns out that the beneficial properties of this liquid gold not only help keep our bodies in good condition, but also help maintain historic structures too.

This surprising application is the result of a study carried out in Cardiff that demonstrated how oleic acid, an essential component of Olive Oil, can help preserve historic structures, like York Minister.

The cathedral’s facade is made of limestone and has been wearing away due to, among other things, the passage of time, acid rain and pollution.

After testing various materials, researchers reached the conclusion that oleic acid was the most suitable option to repel water and prevent pollutants from destroying the facade. Previous efforts failed because the protective coatings used were too thick and didn’t allow the limestone to expand and contract with changes in temperature, thereby damaging the structure.

The researches found that impregnating the facade with a layer of oleic acid protected the stone as well as allowed it to breathe.

So as you can see, we aren’t the only ones who need Olive Oil to stay healthy and improve our longevity.

This is just one of many uses that Olive Oils have had throughout history. For example, in the past they were used as fuel for oil lamps and to make soap.

Do you know of any other interesting uses for Olive Oil? We loved learning about this new use and we want to know more. Tell us what you know!

The latest in building preservation: Olive Oil

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