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June 16, 2022

Game Day Food Ideas in 4 Quarters

It’s a special day! Our favorite team is playing to win, and we can’t miss a second of it! We need to make sure that everything is set before the game starts, where all family members and friends stay happy, enjoying the match. Here, we introduce to you a finger food menu for the game that is easy to prepare and, of course, has a surprising twist of Spanish cuisine, with the flavor of Olive Oil from Spain.

The game day full menu

  • 1st QUARTER


Iberian ham croquettes

There’s no better way to start watching the game than with this delight from Spain – Iberian ham croquettes. We decided to replace the traditional chicken wings for a taste of this classic Spanish tapa that is made of a special dough like the bechamel sauce, however, has a less milky taste, and Iberian ham that is all fried in Spanish olive oil. There is nothing better than good homemade serrano ham croquettes that they are very easy to prepare and totally worth it. You’ll see how these croquettes won’t last through the first quarter of the game and everyone will wish for more.

  • 2nd QUARTER


Spanish potato omelette

A unique dish that everyone loves, it’s the star player at the center of the table. Nothing simpler than beating an egg, slicing some potatoes, seasoning with salt, and frying in olive oil from Spain. It is one of the most recognizable meals of Spanish cuisine. It is ideal for sharing, easy to make and goes a long way and it’s perfect if your family team has a lot of players. This Spanish potato omelette is even yummy when cold, in case the game becomes too tense and there is no time to focus on the food.

  • 3rd QUARTER


Sausage Balls

Sausage balls are a portion of simple finger food that is great for such occasions as the Game Day. These may be ready to serve in less than an hour with just three basic ingredients: ground pork sausage, biscuit baking mix, and shredded cheddar cheese that are bathed in olive oil from Spain frying. If desired, different herbs and spices can be added to a simple sausage ball recipe to enhance its simplicity.

  • 4th QUARTER


Shredded chicken with paprika sandwich

For the last part of the game, a great way to soothe the hunger and stress of your guests because of the game is with a shredded chicken, paprika, and avocado sandwich. It may sound fancy and hard to prepare, although, it’s the other way round! The shredded chicken with paprika seasoning acquires a delicate flavor thanks to added extra virgin olive oil from Spain.



Chocolate ice cream and extra virgin olive oil

In order to save up the energy for the game overtime, there is always a need of something sweet. We would like to share this unique dessert made of homemade chocolate ice cream and extra virgin olive oil from Spain that will not leave anyone indifferent.





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