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November 28, 2017

6 in 1: gin-tonic & Olive Oil

1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and 2:3. Do you know what we’re talking about? If you’re a fan of gin and tonic, you probably do. Basically, those numbers are the ratios of gin and tonic most often used when making a classic G&T. But now it’s been restyled with a touch of glamour: gin and tonic with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.

Gin tonic with olive oil

You thought the Brits had discovered the perfect G&T formula? Well, you’re wrong. We Spaniards have improved it by adding the fifth element: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.

Yes, you heard right! After essence of liquorice, coffee, berries, citric fruit slices, raspberries, strawberries, pepper… the latest incarnation of this classic drink has arrived with a few drops of liquid gold: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.

Cocktail waiters say Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain adds a little extra texture while boosting and prolonging the flavour of the gin and tonic on your palate. A real 6 in 1 so your nights will flow better than ever.

What, you don’t believe us? We understand you perfectly. We were as shocked as you, until we saw this video.

G&T with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain. The reinvention of the king of all mixed drinks so it carries on ruling the cocktail world. If you want to be more chic this summer, dress your gin and tonic with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain. But will one be enough?! Cheers!

Gin Tonic

Want to know more? Life with Olive Oils from Spain always tastes better. Discover other uses of Olive Oils from Spain:


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