Olive oil Tofu

  • Tapas
  • 30m.
  • Easy

Ingredients (5 pax )

  • 1 firm tofu
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain (for marinade)
  • 3 leaves Fresh basil 
  • 3 package Natto 
  • 30cc Soy sauce 
  • 15cc Mirin 
  • 1 Egg yolk 
  • 10cc Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain

Olive oil Tofu recipe


  1. Drain water from a firm tofu.
  2. In a container, add Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, fresh basil leaves and tofu to marinate for over a night.


    - Make natto dressing -

  3. In a bowl, add natto, water and vinegar (2% to water) and wash natto beans.
  4. Place natto in a colander, refresh water and do same step for 3 times until 80% of slimes of natto is removed. Place the natto in colander to remove water.
  5. Add the natto, soy sauce, mirin and egg yolk in a blender and mix to make natto soy sauce.
  6. Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain to the natto soy sauce to make natto dressing.

Olive oil Tofu over a whitte plate

Daisuke Nomura

**Recipe created by Daisuke Nomura for Olive Oils from Spain. 

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