Basil infused olive oil and almond crumble

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Ingredients (4 pax )

Basil Oil:


  • 1 pt. Maltodextrin (Tapioca)                            
  • 6 tbsp.Basil Oil (recipe above)                       
  • 1 tsp.Salt                                                            
  • 1 cup Almonds, sliced, toasted, ground in robot coupe

Basil infused olive oil and almond crumble recipe

Ramp up your classic perception of a crumble. Why just stick to peach or apple? This unique crumble recipe uses Olive oils from Spain to create a lovely basil infusion that compliments to compliment this almond crumble. Try this unique dish at home and you will not be disappointed about what it has to offer you.


  1. For the Basil infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain: Blanch the basil in boiling water, shock and purée with extra-virgin olive oil from Spain. Strain through a filter.
  2. In a robot coupe pour the maltodextrin. Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain and salt and purée until crumbly and green. Put into a bowl and mix in ground almonds.

Basil infused olive oil and almond crumble

Did you know that Olive Oils from Spain can be reused? Learn how to do so properly here! 

Source: Ed Brown, as presented at the 2017 Menus of Change® conference.

Published with permission of the author. All rights reserved.


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