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«Healthy Breakfast» in schools (Community of Madrid)

We all know that it is fundamental to teach good eating habits to the youngest children, so we supported the «Healthy Breakfast» project which ran...
19 Feb | 13  -  19 Feb | 13

Global Campaign 2013: Enjoy our Olive Oils, Enjoy Spain Taste the Spanish lifestyle. What is the recipe?

In 2013 we launched the international campaign, «Enjoy our Olive Oils, Enjoy Spain». How was this campaign disseminated? With a simple recipe: wanting to enjoy...
31 DEC | 12  -  30 DEC | 13

Olive oils information campaign and promotion programme in India and Indonesia 2013-2016

Bajo el claim “Join the Olive Oil Revolution” trabajamos en dos de los países con las economías más dinámicas del mundo: India e Indonesia. Con...
12 DEC | 13

Information and promotion campaign of the olive oils of the European Union 2013-2016

This campaign pursues a very ambitious goal: to increase the culture of olive oil among the Spanish people and to show them the diversity of...
23 APR | 13

Cultural workshops «Spanish Olive Oil: Culture, Science and Cuisine» (2012).

In 2012, we held «Spanish Olive Oil: Culture, Science and Cuisine» workshops. Students participated in these workshops from 29 Cervantes Institute centres in 19 countries...
08 Feb | 12  -  21 Nov | 12

Foreign promotion campaign 2012

In 2012, we designed our foreign promotion campaign with the primary aim of spreading the benefits and uses of the product and educating consumers. To...
30 APR | 12  -  30 May | 12

MASTERCHEF campaign in France and the United Kingdom

In 2011, we again started to explore new forms of promotion in order to reach the public. This time, we invested in the leading worldwide...
31 DEC | 10  -  30 DEC | 11

Foreign promotion campaign 2011

Our international campaign this year focused on Emerging Markets such as Brazil and China, marking a turning point regarding the countries chosen from previous years....
28 Feb | 11  -  30 Mar | 11

Workshops «Science, Cooking and Healthy Eating» (2011).

Spanish Olive Oils are also culture: it is a reality that we wanted to share through this initiative, which was developed in 15 Cervantes Institute...
13 Mar | 11  -  09 Nov | 11

Foreign promotion campaign 2010

With this campaign we wanted consumers worldwide to discover that olive oils have a place in their kitchens. The campaign was centred on direct contact...
31 DEC | 09  -  30 JAN | 10

Television Campaign «Olive Oils. Yes, they have it all».

With the message «Olive oils. Yes, they have it all» and through different spots, the campaign had an impact on publicising all the virtues of...
31 AUG | 10  -  29 Sep | 10

Information and promotion campaign in the EU internal market 2009-2012

In the second half of 2009, our activity continued at a steady pace with the launch of the most ambitious promotional campaign ever conducted within...
22 Oct | 09  -  21 Oct | 12
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