A sweet taste of Spain: Easter Week Spanish toast

Toasty on the outside and really soft on the inside, Spanish torrijas are very delicious traditional Easter treats which date back in written records to the 17th century. Though even before this, the Romans were known to make a kind of torrija from wheat biscuits that were dipped in milk and oil, and toasted.

Despite torrijas´ humble origins, their fame has grown over the years with consumption so widespread that Spanish chefs like Martin Berasategui are now including them on their restaurant menus.


They are so easy to make and your guests will absolutely adore them. Make sure you’ve got Olive Oils from Spain to hand because this is the key ingredient for perfect results. Invite your friends to come and try them and even cook them with you, and you’ll have a fantastic evening rounded off with the delicious flavour of this traditional Spanish treat!

Ready, steady… cook!

- See full recipe here: Easter Week Spanish toast - 

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