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February 11, 2022

Discover the most delicious sauces made with olive oil

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Sauces are present in all the gastronomies of the world. From East to West, we could mention so many that this article would be endless. But let’s focus on their star ingredient: olive oils.

Olive oil sauces have the power to enhance a handful of ingredients and turn them into a delicious delicacy. What would be, for example, some crudites without their yogurt sauce? NOTHING!

Did you know that vinaigrette is an emulsion?

Undoubtedly, emulsions are the queens of sauces. They are those sauces in which two or more ingredients that at first cannot be mixed, are joined to achieve a smooth and homogeneous sauce. This is achieved by vigorously beating the ingredients (ideally using a whisk) until the drops of the liquids break their surface tension and tend to mix. Examples of emulsions are mayonnaise or salmorejo.

The sauces, accompany and give personality to meats, fish or salads. They can be cooked hot or cold, depending on their preparation and the dish they are to accompany.

What is the role of olive oils in sauces?

Olive oils are a basic and essential ingredient. They provide body, texture, and flavor to sauces. Thanks to them, we get that velvety and smooth texture that we like so much in emulsions. 

For cold or warm sauces, we recommend using extra virgin or virgin olive oil to enjoy all its flavor.

For hot sauces you can also use olive oil.

Can any variety of extra virgin olive oil be used to prepare a sauce?

In Spain we are lucky, we have more than 200 varieties of olives that give rise to delicious extra virgin olive oils. You can cook any dish or sauce with each of them.

You can try the same sauce with different varieties of extra virgin olive oil until you find the one that best suits your palate.


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