The best way to look after your Olive Oil

The best way to look after your Olive Oil

Olive Oil from Spain is synonymous with health. We already know a huge number of facts about this extraordinary product: its numerous health benefits for the human body, its use in beauty treatments and the delicious meals you can make with it.

However, there is one extremely important fact that not everyone is aware of but which is very useful for consumers to know: how to store it.

Um doce para estas festas

Um doce para estas festas

O Natal já está aqui! Chega uma das festas mais esperadas do ano e se aproxima o momento estrela… Os presentes! Não precisa disfarçar, todo mundo adora ganhar um presente nestas datas. E ninguém se amarga com um doce, nunca melhor dito! Ainda não sabe do que estamos falando? Então continue lendo …


The latest in building preservation: Olive Oil

Yes, you read that right: Olive Oil is being used to preserve the facades of historic buildings.

It turns out that the beneficial properties of this liquid gold not only help keep our bodies in good condition, but also help maintain historic structures too.

私た ちのライフスタイルにプレゼント!


私た ちのライフスタイルにプレゼント!

オリーブオイルが中心のスペインのライフスタイルをのぞいてみませんか? 「Lifestyle Tapas」コンクールに応募して、キッチングッズを当てよう! 


Everything you ever wanted to know about paella

Some 5,000kg of rice, 6,250kg of chicken, 2,600kg of rabbit and no less than 1,000 litres of Olive Oil. No, this isn’t the shopping list of a family that eats very well. These are the ingredients used on 8 March 1992 to cook the world’s largest paella, which 100,000 people were able to enjoy.


Lust auf eine leckere Paella?

Heute haben Sie Glück! Heute bringen wir ein Stück Spanien auf den Tisch. Hier finden Sie die Tricks für eine echte „Made in Spain“ Paella, die alle beeindrucken wird!

Wie lauten diese Tricks? Olivenöl und das abschließende ziehen lassen, was beides sehr typisch für Spanien ist.

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Receta de Pan con aceite de oliva

Schalten Sie den Backofen ein! Heute backen wir Brot mit Olivenöl.

Für einen Koch ist es das beste Lob, wenn seine Gäste die Teller bis auf den letzten Krümel leer essen. Bis auf den letzten Bissen, indem sie Brot in die Soße eintauchen, um die Gaumenfreude noch etwas länger genießen zu können.

Receta de croquetas