Bounce back with an instant energy boost

Bounce back with an instant energy boost

How many times after a long night have you woken up completely wiped out with the feeling that even your eyelashes are too heavy? Quite a few, no? There’s no getting away from the fact that we’re getting older… =)

Having established that, how would you feel if we said we had the perfect recipe tocombat this interminable lethargy? And enjoy the weekend bursting with energy. Open your eyes, because you’re about to discover one of the most popular recipes with young people today – 100% healthy with an immediate revitalizing effect.

Receta refrescante para el buen tiempo

Menú para el Día de la Madre

Como bien sabéis madre no hay más que una, y como tal así se merece que la tratemos. Alguien único se merece un día en el que ser protagonista y ese día es este miércoles.

¿Sabías que la costumbre de homenajear a las madres se remonta a la Antigua Grecia? Se rendía homenaje a Rea, madre de Zeus, Poseidón y Hades. 

Winter Roasted Vegetables with Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing

Winter Roasted Vegetables with Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing

serves: 6 as a side - gluten-free, vegan

Recipe by Ashley McLaughlin. Ashley is the creator of the blog Edible Perspective. She's a full-time food photographer who focuses her time on cookbook photography and shooting website, social content, recipes, products, and more for food companies. Ashley has been living in Colorado for just over 8 years with her husband and goofy dog, Kenna. When she's not working in the kitchen and studio, she's soaking up the sun and fresh air staying active outside.

Mojo Clams with Olive Oils from Spain (Steamed Clams with Green Mojo Sauce)

Husband and wife team Taylor and Lindsay bring the perfect combination of sweet and savory to the dinner table. Lindsay is the baker, Taylor is the broiler, and together they make one heck of a meal. Their food blog, Love & Olive Oil, chronicles their culinary adventures in and around the kitchen. As is obvious by the name of their blog, they love olive oil, and recipes like this one they developed exclusively for Olive Oils from Spain.


Olive Oils from Spain Dresses Up the Big Apple


When the US Open is being held, New York puts on its best. In conjunction with one of the most important sporting events in the United States, various actions and activities are being held in the city and Olive Oils from Spain wanted to participate in one of the most important ones: Taste Of Tennis.


How to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner without killing yourself in the attempt

Doesn’t time fly? It seems as if we were celebrating Thanksgiving yesterday and next thing you know, riiiinngggg, the diary alarm goes off to let you know another Thanksgiving, one of the most hotly-anticipated family meals of the year, is just around the corner.

Fruits of the Forest Pudding

Fruits of the Forest Pudding: the sweetest Christmas dessert

Rafael_Nadal_Spanish Tennis Player

Enjoy the best tennis with Rafa Nadal and Olive Oils from Spain!

After his participation in the Olympic Games as a flag bearer and gold medal win in doubles, we travelled with Rafa Nadal to the United States to enjoy one of the most long-awaited tournaments of the season: the 2016 US Open Tennis Championships.

The Spanish tennis player follows a healthy diet that gives him all the power he needs for competitions like this one. Rafa is already preparing to devour the court with the force and energy of Olive Oils from Spain.

We’re giving away tickets for two for the US Open!

We’re giving away tickets for two for the US Open!

One of the most long-awaited tournaments of the season is coming up: the 2016 US Open Tennis Championships and those of us at Olive Oils from Spain would like to celebrate it with all of you. That’s why we’ve set up the #BornInSpain contest with a drawing for two tickets to attend the 2016 US Open final to be held on September 11th at Flushing Meadows.  Are you up for it?

Blood Orange and Rosemary Chiffon Cake

Blood Orange and Rosemary Chiffon Cake

Hello, I`m Shellie Froidevaux from, I’m a food stylist, photographer, graphic designer, and cook.  I’m devoted to food, experienced in creativity, a lover of travel and obsessed with collecting styling props. I’m always on the look out for something new, something that might spark inspiration for my next Project.

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