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Menú para el Día de la Madre

Como bien sabéis madre no hay más que una, y como tal así se merece que la tratemos. Alguien único se merece un día en el que ser protagonista y ese día es este miércoles.

¿Sabías que la costumbre de homenajear a las madres se remonta a la Antigua Grecia? Se rendía homenaje a Rea, madre de Zeus, Poseidón y Hades. 




しかし、なぜこの日に祝うのでしょうか? 古代ギリシア時代には、すでに母の存在を祝う習慣があり、ゼウス、ポセイドンとアデスの母親であるリーアを祭っていました。けれど、5月の第2日曜日に祝う習慣は、北アメリカ内戦時の社会活動家、アンヌ・マリア・ジャルビス女史の娘である、アンナ・ジャルビス女史が定めました。













Ein Menü für den Muttertag

Mutter hat man nur eine, das wissen wir alle, und dementsprechend sollen wir auch mit ihr umgehen. Eine besondere Person verdient einen Tag, an dem sie die Hauptperson ist. An diesem Sonntag ist es soweit.

Aber warum an diesem Tag und nicht an einem anderen? Die Tradition, die Mütter zu würdigen, stammt aus dem alten Griechenland, wo man Rea, die Mutter von Zeus, Poseidon und Hades ehrte. Aber der Grund, dass wir diesen Tag am zweiten Sonntag im Mai feiern, ist Ana Jarvis, die Tochter von Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, einer Aktivistin des Sozialdienstes im Amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg.


Cardápio para o Dia das Mães

Todos sabem que mãe só tem uma e por isso mesmo ela merece ser tratada como tal. Uma pessoa única merece um dia de protagonismo e esse dia vai ser esse domingo.

Porém, por que este dia e não outro? A tradição de render homenagem a todas as mães remonta à Grécia Antiga, onde rendiam homenagem a Rea, mãe de Zeus, Poseidon e Hades. Não obstante, a responsável de que celebremos este dia no Segundo Domingo de Maio é Ana Jarvis, filha de Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, uma grande ativista social durante a Guerra civil Norte-americana.


Menu for Mother’s Day

As you all know, we only have one mother so it’s important we treat her well. Someone as special as her deserves one day to be the star and that day is happening this Sunday.

But why then instead of any other day? The custom of honoring mothers dates back to Ancient Greece when they would pay tribute to Rhea, the mother of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. However, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May thanks to Ana Jarvis, the daughter of Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, a social activist during the Civil War.

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Reinvent your Mondays with Olive Oil: Meatless Monday

If there’s one thing we’re concerned about at Olive Oils from Spain, it’s the health of our consumers and that’s why we wanted to tell you today about an international movement that’s really been causing a stir in the last few years: Meatless Monday, an initiative that’s proved hugely popular in our country and indeed the world over, whose mission is to encourage people to eat less meat with the aim of improving health, upholding animal rights and red