Keys to entertaining in Spring

6 Tips for Easy Spring Entertaining

Spring is in the air! The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, which means it’s time to freshen up those entertaining skills! We know it can be stressful opening up your home to guests, so we’ve put together our very own cheat-sheet on how to make the day go smoother.  Follow Olive Oils from Spain's Guide to Spring Entertaining and you’ll be ready to host your own casual backyard party or elegant soirée in no time and, most importantly, stress-free!

Cocktails with olive oils

6 in 1: gin-tonic & Olive Oil

1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and 2:3. Do you have any idea what we’re talking about? If you’re an unconditional fan of gin-tonic, you surely do. That’s right: they’re the proportions of gin and tonic most often used when preparing that mixed drink as always, yet now renewed with a hint of glamour: gin-tonic with Olive Oil.

Our Favorite Superfood Recipes

Our Favorite Superfood Recipes

By now you must have heard people talking about the virtues of superfoods, but do you know how to prepare them? We have chosen a few of the most versatile superfoods to combine with extra virgin olive oil, a double dose of health benefits! Continue reading to discover the benefits of these foods and learn about ways to enjoy them.

How to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner

How to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner without killing yourself in the attempt

Anticipated family

Doesn’t time fly? It seems as if we were celebrating Thanksgiving yesterday and next thing you know, riiiinngggg, the diary alarm goes off to let you know another Thanksgiving, one of the most hotly-anticipated family meals of the year, is just around the corner.

Protect yourself from the sun… with Olive Oil

Protect yourself from the sun… with Olive Oil!

The borderline between a lovely tan and dangerous burning is much finer than people believe. Sunbathing is a summer pleasure. Getting yourself sunburnt, however, is senseless.Just like a croissant is much more delicious when golden but not burnt, the same is true for your skin. For healthy enjoyment of the Sun King, you just have to follow our four recommendations. 


Olive Oil can help you care for your pet

A pug defeated Napoleon – on his wedding night. Or, that’s one way to look at it. After the military leader and his first wife Josephine were married, the bride wanted Fortuné, her dog, to accompany them. But Napoleon, only wanting to be with his new wife, tried to throw the dog out of the room, and it ferociously bit him in response.

Eat like a true Spaniard

Eat like a true Spaniard

The key to authentic Spanish cuisine

Spanish food is fashionable worldwide and the more we get to know its cuisine the more its diversity and quality seduces us. But what is the essential ingredient that sets it apart? After trying many dishes, tapas and different recipes, we realise that they all share a common ingredient: Olive Oils from Spain, which have many different flavours and work with any culinary technique. Plus, it’s not so much about what you eat buthow you eat. This is how it’s done:

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air!

Warm weather has arrived, and with it, the time to make outdoor plans, breathe a little fresh air, and recharge our Vitamin D levels after the long, cold months of winter.  It is the perfect opportunity to get out with your family and friends to have picnics in the country, hike trails and fire up the grill.  We have a lot of ideas for preparing healthy and delicious food that you can take with you to any of these places.  And don’t forget your bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to give it the final perfect touch and aroma.

5 ways to stay in shape after the summer

5 ways to stay in shape after the summer

Labor Day marks the end of the summer, and sometimes those healthy habits we worked so hard to develop can falter. Here are 5 tips to stay in shape and feel good all year long.

Hands peeling vegetables

Juice with Olive Oils from Spain

Back to school: work with a smile

The start of the school year can give you that extra push you need to get your daily routine into gear, but if you’re still suffering from the post-holiday blues we’ve brought together our most optimistic team to come up with five tips that will help you to get back into your everyday routine full of energy: