Learn how to make a king’s cake with Olive Oils from Spain

The Hermitage Garden in Moscow was filled with magic the weekend of 21 and 22 December. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed the Seasons magazine Christmas Fair, where visitors could experience the wonders of Christmas – buying fir trees, festive decorations and gifts that are not easily found, and sampling traditional food and drink. All in all, it was a unique weekend that also boasted the presence of several renowned chefs. 

We interviewed Jorge de Ángel Moliner, our chef at the Christmas Fair in Moscow on 21 and 22 December. He made eight succulent roscones de reyes, or kings’ cakes, with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, which were a big hit with the public. Just looking at the photo makes you wish he had saved us a piece, doesn’t it?

Jorge, what is the most difficult thing about making a kings’ cake, and how can you make sure that it turns out perfectly? 

  • The most difficult thing about a kings’ cake is having patience because, like almost all fluffy cakes, it needs time to rise. And this is difficult because whoever is cooking can already tell that it’s going to be tasty, so they will want to finish up quickly and eat it (laughs).

What special touch do Olive Oils from Spain give to a kings’ cake? 

  • It gives the dough the elasticity necessary to be able to work with it, and it gives the cake a very interesting nuanced flavour. The texture is also much finer.

How have Russian people reacted when they’ve tried the famous kings’ cake? 

  • They’ve loved it. They’ve practically taken both these and others I’ve made right out of my hands. Russians love sweet things. The kings’ cake made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain is a very healthy dessert, as well. Moreover, the tradition associated with kings’ cake in Spain seems very beautiful to them.

The kings’ cake tradition is a mix of Christmas, sweets, and the unknown possibility of a  surprise hidden inside. What trinkets do you usually hide inside your kings’ cake? 

  • I usually put a figure of one of the Three Kings inside, meaning that whoever finds it will be crowned. I also hide a bean and whoever finds that won’t be as lucky because they will have to pay for the cake (laughs again)

Jorge Ángel Moliner

Take a look at the recipe below: king's cake

Kings Cake

We recommend you serve this recipe with Paella which is also made using Olive Oils from Spain.

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