Healthy and delicious: frying in Olive Oil

Frying with Olive Oil is one of the oldest methods of cooking in the world, and makes any fried meat, fish or vegetable tastier.

Using Olive Oil for frying is beneficial in the following ways:

  • It allows food to be fried at high temperatures, between 266ºF and 380ºF.
  • It creates a very thin, consistent, crunchy and golden layer that prevents food from absorbing more oil, making the food lighter and digestible.
  • At the same time, it allows food to retain all of its juiciness, preventing the food from losing its nutritional value and making it much more appetizing.
  • Olive Oil fries and doesn’t boil, like other oils do.
  • It maintains its properties at (380ºF)

When heated, Olive Oil is the most stable fat, thanks to its high content of oleic acid. In addition, it retains all of its properties when used to fry at high temperatures (380ºF). Another advantage of Olive Oil is that its smoke point is higher than that of other oils, which makes it ideal for frying.

Below is some advice on how to ensure that your fried foods turn out excellent:

  • The ingredients should be dry before they are fried to achieve the best results.
  • It’s advisable to add the food that is going to be fried little by little and in small quantities to avoid the temperature of the oil dropping suddenly.
  • The pan should contain enough Olive Oil to cover the ingredients. If it doesn’t, the food will turn out soft or will burn.
  • Olive Oil in the pan should be hot, but not smoking.
  • Olive Oil expands when it is heated, so it goes further than other oils. Also, it can be reused 3-4 times with absolute guarantees as long as it is filtered after frying to get rid of any food residue left behind.
  • The oil used for frying should be stored in a lacquer, glazed ceramic or stainless steel container.

Do you have any tricks for frying?

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