DIY treatments to your 5 most common skin troubles

DIY treatments to your 5 most common skin troubles

We all want beautiful looking, healthy skin, but often it comes with a hefty price tag.  Did you know that you can achieve amazing results with ingredients you likely have sitting right in your cupboard?  Here we’ve put together our favorite at-home skin treatments made with olive oil and powerful, all natural ingredients to target the most common skin problems.

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Olive Oils from Spain can help fight dementia

Did you know that Olive Oils from Spain can help fight dementia?

According to the government, there are around 800.000 cases of dementia in the United Kingdom. This illness costs the economy 23 million pounds each year. Moreover, the number of people affected by dementia is expected to rise by 50%, which will bring with it an increase in the budget dedicated to this issue.


The Good Life Embassy, the event you can’t miss in Taste of Chicago

We want to invite you to…

The embassy of the good life: a space where, for five days, you can enjoy the Spanish lifestyle. Good times and good food all thanks to Olive Oil from Spain.

It is the perfect moment to open the embassy; within the activities of the Taste of Chicago, the gastronomic event of the year. Entrance to Taste of Chicago is free of charge.