The Good Life Recipe: from television to the social networks

What an amazing experience The Good Life Recipe television programme was! Over several weeks we entertained you with our recipes made using Olive Oils from Spain by our Good Life brand ambassador, Spanish chef Diego Guerrero, from the Madrid restaurant DSTAgE, and Frank Camorra from the acclaimed Melbourne restaurant MoVida. Four programmes in total, full of magic and laughter, in which we told you how to use this incredibly healthy product along with a little information about the whole manufacturing process of this jewel in the crown of Spanish gastronomy.

What’s that? You missed them? Don’t worry, because we’ve posted them on our website so you can see them ( we know that even if you did see them the first time round you’ll be wanting to see them again)! For example, you can watch Frank and Diego preparing a delicious shot glass of tomato, cream cheese and Olive Oils from Spain, a glorious mandarin sorbet, some wonderful calamari, or that crunchy beef crackling that stole our hearts. And all with that special Spanish touch to delight your friends and family. Serve your dishes with a splash of Olive Oil from Spain to give them an unprecedented lightness and aroma! You can also find our recipes in PDF: from the tomato French toast to the beetroot salad that goes with the calamari, because one thing you’ll never be short of with Olive Oils from Spain is a lack of options!

Don’t you think that Diego and Frank have great chemistry? We’re sure the fact that social networkers worldwide made a point of wishing them luck gave them a lot of confidence in front of the cameras. Naturally enough, the word that was repeated most often on the social networks was “Olé!” 

And you too can say “Olé” to the healthy pleasure of eating with Olive Oils from Spain by posting on our blog and Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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