Keys to entertaining in Spring

6 Tips for Easy Spring Entertaining

Spring is in the air! The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, which means it’s time to freshen up those entertaining skills! We know it can be stressful opening up your home to guests, so we’ve put together our very own cheat-sheet on how to make the day go smoother.  Follow Olive Oils from Spain's Guide to Spring Entertaining and you’ll be ready to host your own casual backyard party or elegant soirée in no time and, most importantly, stress-free!

A three-course menu to impress your guests

A three-course meal to impress your guests

If you like to spoil your friends and family by making special meals and turning gatherings into moments that everyone will remember, we’d love to help you! We're going to show you a delicious Spanish style three-course meal that everyone will be sure to love. All of our recipes are healthy and are based on following a healthy, balanced diet. They include fresh ingredients and, of course, our wonderful Spanish Olive Oils.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil stays in perfect condition over a longer period of time

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A Kitchen Staple that Maintains its Exceptional Properties over Time

It’s happened to us all before: we go to the refrigerator or pantry and have to start throwing away condiments, canned food, and other items that have gone bad. Sound familiar? I'm sure it does. What if we told you there is a product you can keep in your kitchen for a long time without losing its great properties?

the refrigerator or pantry


Marc Murphy, ‘The Good Life Embassy’ ambassador

The chef Marc Murphy, owner of the Benchmarc Restaurants and graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, will be the ambassador of The Good Life Embassy this weekend.

classic, a hipster or do you let fashion pass you by

Open face sandwiches: Toast ideas

Stop the clocks! When a good open toasted sandwich comes along, the time of day is the last thing you should worry about. Its delicious simplicity is ideal for breakfast, a mid-morning break, lunch, a snack between meals or simply to finish off a hard day’s work as part of a special dinner. Toasted sandwiches, just like tapas, are amongst the things that most of us just can’t give up. The secret? Good quality bread, toasted just right (crunchy but not burnt) and, naturally, that special touch of flavour infused by Olive Oils from Spain.

Who said that fried foods were bad for your health

Who said that fried foods were bad for your health?

Get a healthy with a Mediterranean lifestyle

7 Ways to Get Healthy With a Mediterranean Lifestyle

It’s no secret that we love the Mediterranean lifestyle. Like, LOVE IT. And not only is it beautiful (hello, beaches, views and culture!), but it’s also delicious. If you’d like to bring a little of the Mediterranean lifestyle to your living room — no matter where you live — here are seven awesome ways to do it, get healthy and generally feel awesome.

Wedding with olive oils

Make your wedding unique with Spanish Olive Oils

There is no doubt about it: your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. To say “I do” to your partner is a big step, and the preparation stage beforehand is also pretty huge: organizing the wedding banquet, the presents, the party… there are so many details to consider. But that certainly doesn´t put people off – according to research from the Wedding Report, there were 2,079,900 weddings in our country in 2012.

Fermenting and conserving vegetables in extra virgin olive oils

Fermenting and preserving vegetables in olive oil

As winter approaches, we start to think of time-saving ways to stay healthy and keep our immune systems in good working order without having to spend hours sourcing produce. Fermenting and preserving vegetables in olive oil is the perfect way to make sure that you have a good stockpile of nutritious foods in your pantry.


What is the Mediterranean Diet?

If you eat according to the typical American diet, your meals probably include a lot of red meat, fast food, fried food and carbohydrates. But is this the best diet for your health?