Home made bagels with olive oils

How to make bagels at home

Are you tired of eating the same old breakfast? Why not try making these delicious home-made bagels for a change? This breakfast originated in central Europe in the mid-17th century, and from there Jewish migrants took the dish to the United States. Bagels were then exported globally world and are now a favourite breakfast option around the world.

Some cultures consider these tasty rolls-with-a-hole a symbol of good luck. Some even believe that their ring shape represents the circle of life.

arroz on verduras, setas, huevo y Aceite de Oliva de España

Reinvent your Mondays with Olive Oil: Meatless Monday

If there’s one thing we’re concerned about at Olive Oils from Spain, it’s the health of our consumers and that’s why we wanted to tell you today about an international movement that’s really been causing a stir in the last few years: Meatless Monday, an initiative that’s proved hugely popular in our country and indeed the world over, whose mission is to encourage people to eat less meat with the aim of improving health, upholding animal rights and red


Celebrate Australia Day with a barbeque with Olive Oils from Spain

The 26th of January is Australia Day, a day in which Australians get together and celebrate the very best of their exciting country, including national role models such as Tim Conolan or Jacqueline Freney, two of the finalists for the “Australian of the Year” award.