Winter blues
Oils and life
Christmas might be history already, but that’s no reason to shut yourself away at home. The best thing you can do to beat the post-festive blues is get bundled up, put on your boots, grab an umbrella and get out in the open air! There are certain pleasures that you can only experience in winter and they have just the same effect as if you were soaking up the sun in more temperate climes.
Celebrity beauty secrets for radiant hair and skin
Oils and life
We often find ourselves searching for the perfect skin cream and end up spending a fortune on treatments and lotions that promise to give us a healthy, radiant glow. Today we want to tell you all about an all-natural beauty trick that can do just that. It’s good for your skin and your wallet! Do you want to know what it is?
Olive Oils frokm Spain, the gift of health
Oils and life
Get it right, every time. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best gift, here’s why: Why give Olive Oils from Spain?  Spain is the global leader in quality and quantity of olive oil produced and sold.               
 king’s cake with Olive Oils from Spain
Oils and life
The Hermitage Garden in Moscow was filled with magic the weekend of 21 and 22 December. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed the Seasons magazine Christmas Fair, where visitors could experience the wonders of Christmas – buying fir trees, festive decorations and gifts that are not easily found, and sampling traditional food and drink. All in all, it was a unique weekend that also boasted the presence of several renowned chefs. 
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Olive groves painted
The orange evening hue;
Olive groves burnished
Under the silvery moon!

Antonio Machado