Cool off with olive oil
Oils and life
The only difference between a madman and a genius is that one plays the fool and the other makes Olive Oil flavored ice-creams. If you thought you’d seen it all in the gastronomic universe, don’t miss a single comma of this article. You’ll be amazed.
4 Reasons Why Mediterranean Diet Is Our Best Friend, And Why We Should Be Using It
Oils and life
Still need a few more reasons to actually become a part of the Mediterranean lifestyle? Don’t give up flavor, only bad fats. Stay healthy and give it a chance to look younger and live longer. Spend quality time with family and friends. Here’s another 4 important things for you to check out:  
You can’t go wrong with this Yorkshire pudding
Oils and life
“When mighty Roast Beef was the Englishman’s food, It ennobled our brains and enriched our blood. Our soldiers were brave and our courtiers were good Oh! the Roast Beef of old England, And old English Roast Beef!”
Oils and life
What would our lives be without celebrities? Yeah, right… exactly the same. But how many enjoyably gossipy afternoons have they given us? One tall story after another in the best of company. Priceless! Anyway, if you fancy emulating the divas of the moment, there’s no need to abandon your education or burn your books. The new tip to be a VIP is make yourself a mouth-watering smoothie.
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Olive groves painted
The orange evening hue;
Olive groves burnished
Under the silvery moon!

Antonio Machado