Olive Oil: Quite an EXperience

Quite the EXperience

So went the slogan for the promotional and informational programme co-funded by the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional Association, the EU and the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment. The programme was in effect for three years (2013-2016), with the aim of raising awareness among consumers of the different Olive Oils produced in the European Union. Spain, which has more than 200 olive varieties, leads the way as the world's foremost producer of olive oil. The idea was to get Spanish consumers, as well as foreign visitors who choose Spain as their holiday destination, to learn how to use each one of the commercial categories of olive oil in the kitchen (extra virgin, virgin and olive oil) and make the best use of the main single-variety extra virgin olive oils (arbequina, cornicabra, hojiblanca and picual) so that, by using the different varieties, every meal becomes a real experience for the senses, with colours, textures, flavours and aromas. For this purpose, a set of experiential activities were designed to bring consumers into closer contact with the oils, their aromas and flavours. For example, 50 carts of Olive Oils journeyed through Spain’s major cities, including those of special interest to tourists; Olive Oil Week events were opened to the general public in Madrid, Seville and Malaga; and school workshops were held to introduce more than 30,000 children to the culture of Olive Oils. These activities were supported by, and received culinary guidance from, Olive Oils ambassador, chef Juan Pozuelo.

The programme also shone a spotlight on the hospitality sector, which is essential for creating trends among consumers. Dozens of workshops were organised for future professionals of the sector, with 10,000 students from hospitality schools from around the country participating. Activities were also organised with consumers at thousands of catering establishments to encourage them to try our main extra virgin varieties. This activity was expanded to include Spain's Parador Hotels, as well as to part of the NH and Vincci hotel chains.

The campaign was, of course, also communicated in the traditional media: on TV programmes such as the one hosted by famous Spanish chef Karlos Arguiñano; in the printed press; on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube); and on the Internet, where a website was created for the campaign (www.experienciasaceitesdeoliva.com), which generated more than 500 million contacts among consumers not to mention the impact it had in the media, with more than 1,400 news articles published.

 Quite an EXperience

Quite the EXperience

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